Chevy Camaro

King of the sports cars

The Chevy Camaro has had a long standing relationship with sports car enthusiasts for its performance and style, but why would this car be considered the best sports car ever? We'll go into detail about why I think it is and you should too! For a brief time Chevy discontinued their Camaro line which was the greatest mistake in the history of the world, but thankfully they understood the gravity of this situation and came back to remake and remodel the Camaro line. I'm thankful they did too, because the new model and style of the Camaro is more dominant and head turning than before. Let's explore the various things about this wonderful sports car.

Red Camaro

Performance and gas mileage

Let's face it, the Camaro is one heck of a beast when it comes to performance. If you are looking for something fast yet fuel efficient so you don't have to drop a ton of money to drive, the V6 Camaro is for you. If you are looking for blistering performance to blow away the competition then soar forward with the monster V8 engine. I can't quote engine specs and performance because each year of the Camaro is different and I don't want to limit this article to one decade of the Camaro but the general line. Suffice to say that all throughout the history of the Camaro performance and efficiency have been a great feature of this wonderful sports car.

You may be thinking "Hey there are plenty of other sports cars out there that are faster!" Yes this is true, but the Camaro probably costs 1/4 of the price and you get great mileage and performance for the price you are paying. Also when that guy with his $80,000 sports car pulls up and wants to show off by blowing you away with his powerful sports car you'll be enjoying your time picking up some friends with the 4 seating and enjoying the night on the town speeding around while he has to suffer with his NOS fuel mounted in his passenger seat. Forever Alone? I'm afraid so.

Camaro SS

Head turning style

When was the last time you found people turning their heads at a Ford Mustang? If you answered never you are correct. The Chevy Camaro has always had a unique and head turning style that would make anyone turn their heads, even if they had a severe stiff neck. Chevy has always taken pride in how great their Camaro line has looked and when they reintroduced the Camaro again in 2009 they once again blew the competition away with the new body style and sleek design. I still find myself gasping for air when one of these babies drive by because it just sucks everything in towards it because of how good it looks.

Now you may be thinking "There are tons of other sports cars that have much more sleek and amazing looks than the Camaro! What gives?" That's all in the eye of the beholder, but you have the choice of having a sports car with a sleek look with a huge price tag and no fuel economy, or the amazing Camaro for a great price and you aren't chugging down gas like a bodybuilding lunk chugs down protein drinks. I would advise you choose the later option! The Camaro really does turn heads and people will always stop you to talk about your great car. You can smile knowing that you are its owner each and every day you step outside to go to work or have a fun night's drive.

1993 camaro


If you are looking for a sports car that's got all of these options, you would then question how reliable it is. You don't want a car that drives fast and looks great only to be sitting in the shop all the time. You want your car on the road, not up on a lift every other week. Well the good news is the Camaro is an extremely reliable car! Not only does it offer all of the above but you will never be experiencing mechanical issues like other cars suffer from because of the quality of craftsmanship that goes into making this beauty. You will never be disappointed with how reliable and beautifully this car runs and you can continue to drive it for years and years without experiencing one hiccup in your driving pleasure. Don't be fooled by others who try to rail on the Camaro and talk about problems, they are just jealous and you can ignore them.

Final word?

It really doesn't need to be said, but the Camaro is one amazing sports car that offers everything you could want at a price you can afford. Its performance and style are unmatched and you can't beat it's mileage and reliability. Go to a dealership and test drive a new Camaro today, or hop on craigslist or drive to a used car dealership and try out an older model. You won't be disappointed!