There is nothing more annoying than spending a fortune on a bed for your puppy then coming home and finding the fabric torn to shreds and the filling shredded all over the house. Now there is a solution though with the chew proof dog beds.

Chew proof dog beds come in a wide variety of sizes and types, so we'll take a look at a few of them in this article to see what solutions there are.

Yorkshire Terrier with bone

Chew proof dog beds

The most popular type of chew proof dog bed is the square or rectangular bed with a soft filling and fabric cover. These are also available in the chew proof variety and come in a number of colours and designs to fit most homes. At one time these were the most vulnerable bed to being destroyed by a bored dog or adventurous puppy, but now they come with chew proof covers making them almost impossible to destroy. Some manufacturers are so confident in their products, they'll even offer a money back guarantee if the bed gets destroyed.
The fabric of these chew proof dog beds are normally a very dense nylon topped with a soft cotton fabric to give the bed comfort and warmth. Many of these beds are machine washable - not just the cover but also the filling as well.
Some of these beds are also weather resistant so can be left outside if that's where your dog will be for a while.
It's important to check the manufacturers care label to see if the bed you choose matches your requirements.

The raised chew proof bed

The other main style of the chew proof dog bed is the elevated bed. These come in a large number of sizes depending on the breed of dog and are built with different materials.
Some of these beds fit together and are made of toughened chew proof plastic or nylon framea with the fabric stretched in the middle of the frame. Again some manufacturers make guarantees that their beds can't be destroyed, so check the small print before buying if your dog likes to destroy beds.
Another option of the elevated bed is similar to the one above, but instead of the frame being made of plastic or nylon, it's made of stainless steel. These beds are more expensive but are impossible to destroy with a strong pair of teeth.

Whichever type of chew proof dog bed you decide to buy, make sure that the size is adequate for your breed of dog and make sure of any guarantees if you've had problems with past beds.

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