Double Hockey

History of the Chexx Bubble Hockey Table:

Also known as table hockey, rod hockey, and dome hockey, Super Chexx bubble hockey tables have been an arcade classic for over 25 years. Originally manufactured in 1982 by the Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE) company, Chexx bubble hockey has developed an almost cult like following of avid hockey fans, and arcade gamers. The International Bubble Hockey Federation has been hosting the Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Tournaments since 2006, and also manage and promote Chexx bubble hockey table leagues, and tournaments nationwide. They even list arcades in every state where you can go play the game.

Object Of The Game:

The object and gameplay of bubble hockey is similar to foosball. Two opponents control 6 players on the "ice" by manipulating rods and handles. Pulling the rods in and out moves the players left to right, and twisting the handle controls the spinning motion of the player allowing you to shoot the puck past your opponents goal keeper. What makes Chexx bubble hockey tables so special is the nearly indestructible dome that covers the entire rink. This makes the game more exciting in two ways. First there is no way for opponents to cheat by interfering with the puck or the players. You are divided by a large plastic dome, and the only way you can score is with practice and skill. Secondly, because resetting the puck is not possible with the dome, no bubble hockey match ends in a tie or draw. Even if the buzzer goes off in the last period, a winner is not declared until someone scores the winning shot.

Chexx Bubble Hockey Tables At Home:

In 2010, ICE was pleased to announce that they would start manufacturing Super Chexx Deluxe Home Bubble Hockey tables that were made with all of the same exciting features but without the coin operated mechanism. Just like the old arcade machines, it would include stunning arena lights built into the top of the dome, real life sound effects, announcements, and buzzers, as well as the new and improved LED score board. The new LED score board features real time display of shots, goals, period, and running time all with an external volume knob so everyone in the house can enjoy the game.

Dome Hockey Excitement:

The reason bubble hockey is popular is because it is fast paced and challenging. There is never a dull moment, becuase from the second you score, the puck automatically pops up in the middle of the rink ready for another round. Unique features like the "boo button" can be used to jar your opponents concentration by blaring a loud angry crowd sound effect. Not only is the crowds riot a fun way to distract your opponent, but they immediately build tension and excitement as soon as they are used.

Whether you were a teenager from the 80s looking for a way to relive your Super Chexx bubble hockey glory days, or you are a young person today looking for a great game for the recreation room, Super Chexx bubble hockey is sure not to disappoint. The Chexx Home Deluxe Non-Coin Bubble Hockey Table is also now available on amazon at a great discount.