It's December 1 and another month has come and gone. This past month I worked simultaneously on many different projects both in my real job and in my online business. As many of you may know I do have a number of other websites and blogs which is growing all the time and despite my success on InfoBarrel I continue to develop these sites and that takes some of my time and energy away from this site.


Nevertheless in the Month of November I published 15 articles including five themed articles – I just barely squeezed in what was needed to maintain my 90 percent ad space share for the month of December. Yesterday mid-day it wasn't looking good but now as I write this I'm very happy I published what I did because the difference between an 85 percent share and a 90 percent share when you are making money at the pace I am is a difference of about $25 to $30. And for that matter the difference between a 75 percent share and 90 percent share is approximately $80-$90! Can't pass that up.


Anyway, I built an entirely new site in November and spent a lot of time on my flagship blog building up its income (which doesn't earn very efficiently I migth add). Those two projects alone netted me an additional $80 or so. I also started increasing my footprint on HubPages by publishing some related articles to backlink my stuff here on IB. Those articles fared well on their own and they will continue to contribute to my earnings here due to the strong backlinks they send.


I can't recall but I barely touched if at all the social bookmarking sites. I did do some networking as a scouted for IB referrals and referrals to The Keyword Academy – my SEO tool suite of choice and I published a lot of guest posts on PostRunner sending backlinks at some of my winners here on IB.


The month of November was actually a very short month for me. I went on two vacations and was out of commission for 8 whole days of the month. This meant I was working on my sites for only 22 days or three weeks during the month of November. One might expect this to mean that I didn't see much improvement but all in all it was by far my best month ever on IB and by far my best month ever for my entire business.


In my October report I broke down my earnings and said that I wanted to focus on developing an income stream from Amazon affiliate sales and in the month of November I did just that. My IB earnings on Amazon increased from $0.99 to $41.94. I'm very pleased with this. My first Amazon only test article that I wrote at the end of August on cheap Cloud b Night Lights made me a solid $11.19 by itself in November (excluding Adsense and Chitika). I expect that if I were to focus on writing a ton of articles like this in the near future I could start blowing this total out of the water. I do intend on working on this some more this month but probably won't focus on it.


Chitika has consistently been inconsistent. I have noted a few times in the forums that I never really rely on my earnings there. Early in the month I was on pace for a $100 month on Chitika but in the end my pace slowed considerably and I only made $63.83 for the entire month. This was still a notable improvement over October however and I hope to eventually get my fist $100 month on Chitika soon.


Adsense is of course the main money maker on IB for me as it is for most people. I still contend that Amazon can easily be higher than Adsense if you focus your articles on Amazon affiliate earnings but as most of my articles are geared for the big G my earnings are still goosed by Adsense.


My Adsense earnings actually only increased a little month over month. They increased 24.3 percent to $375.16. This is a modest increase but when taken in conjunction with my increases on Amazon and Chitika my over all earnings on IB (not including any other sites) increased 42.5 percent to $480.93. This was slightly short of my $500 goal for the month but was a large enough increase to keep me very happy.


If I were to add my other sites into this calculation (which I won't for this article) this would be my best month over month increase in earnings ever, so you aint going to be seeing me complaining anytime soon. :)


November marked the fourth full month of active work on IB. As I have outlined in my main InfoBarrel Income post my first 8 months or so on this site was mostly done to build backlinks to my health blog. I wanted to make some money here but didn't really try very hard to do so. In mid-July I decided to switch gears and shoot for IB earnings above all else. Since that time my earnings have been on a nice ascending slope which doesn't appear to be slowing yet. I went from $10 in June to $40 in July to $80 in August to $200 in Sept to $300 in October to almost $500 in November and my new goal for December is to get to $700.


I've got a good routine down which I won't be abandoning but taking some inspiration from AJ and Travis I will be ratcheting up my bookmarking efforts. I slowed and almost stopped bookmarking in November because it took me too long to write 75-125 word descriptions over and over – I quickly tired of it. AJ does his bookmarking differently – it's much easier and arguably less helpful but it's so much easier it's worth a shot. This will be a big project for me this month and it may be the main focus of my month – although I always give myself leeway to change gears and focus mid-stream. :)


I told the wife I wanted to increase my income beyond her wildest imagination by July so I guess I've got my work cut out for me. Good luck to you all and as always – for those that haven't yet joined InfoBarrel – do yourself a favor and get on this train early so you can reap the financial rewards. Once you start making $1000 a month online you will be constantly wondering why you didn't start doing this earlier.