What an April that was huh?  It’s now a week and a half into May and I am finally getting to writing this and for just a short time today I thought about possibly skipping it all together but instead I learned quite a bit in April as did many of you too I’m sure.  In this business everything is always changing so you have to always look for ways to capitalize on those changes even when they don’t favor you at first.

infobarrel logo(46493)Long story short I saw a notable drop in my InfoBarrel income month over month.  Not only did my page views decline but so too did my conversion rates and with the redesign of the “look” of the main IB page template the emphasis on Chitika and Amazon has declined as well.  Month over month my InfoBarrel income declined by 41.3 percent.  In March I made $615 on InfoBarrel and in April I only made $361.10.  You can see my main infobarrel earnings page here.

If you have any experience in this then you know that big content sites like IB were affected by algorithm updates this month causing search traffic to decline.  The site redesign and ad placement has also negatively affected many writer’s conversion rates in April too.  Coupled together this affects earnings significantly – in the long run it’s probably a good thing but it’s no fun now.

Luckily I have other properties making up some of the difference.  This month I didn’t see an overall increase in my income but at least my income didn’t tank 41 percent month over month.  If you are an online publisher who hasn’t yet gotten involved in starting your own sites for diversification then definitely consider doing so – just do it.

In April as I watched conversion rates fluctuate all over the place here on IB I noticed some super ways to enhance the earning potential of articles already published on site.  In the past I’ve shared my thoughts on how to goose your IB earnings by contextually linking to Amazon and just a few days back I shared how you can use pictures in your already published articles to improve your conversion rates.

Woman's Silver Coin NecklaceIf you haven’t’ read the article on using pictures you should now because much of my time on IB over the last couple weeks has simply been editing old articles adding pictures and contextual links to keep visitors on my pages and in front of my work.  One published article may take you 30 minutes to write but by adding three optimized pictures like this picture of a silver coin necklace you may spend an extra 10 minutes but have four times as much monetized content attributed to you.  Not to mention the “Media” pages your pictures go on convert at an excellent rate. :)

Regarding my income month over month the new ad placement definitely takes some emphasis off of the alternative income streams of Chitika and Amazon and softens the look of Adsense.

My Monthly InfoBarrel Earnings Breakdown

Chitika - $20.95 (-71.5 percent)

Amazon - $26.06 (-51.2 percent)

Adsense - $314.09 (-35.7 percent)

Total InfoBarrel Income - $361.10 (-41.3 percent)

Best Travel Mug To Keep Coffee HotAs you can see Adsense didn’t decline as bad because it is still featured as the most prominent ads but the others tanked mightily.  April was also my first full month where my main Amazon articles couldn’t be found in the search engines.  My main article – my travel coffee mug article – couldn’t be found in the SERPS at all for the month and naturally it earned sales commissions at a very poor level.  The article only made $10.76 in Amazon commissions down from over $40 just a couple months back.

Luckily the article is showing signs of being revived in the SERPS so I’m encouraged that it may start getting more traffic again and start earning a lot on a monthly basis once again.  I’ve slowed in my backlinking of it but haven’t stopped completely.  We’ll see how May finishes out but so far I’m encouraged.

Overall I’ve been spending less time on InfoBarrel as of late due to my work on my own sites but I still feel that InfoBarrel is a huge part of my diversification strategy and I would recommend it to anyone just starting out and to anyone who is experienced alike.  If you are a new reader I encourage you to read through some of my tutorial articles here on InfoBarrel, many of which are linked from my profile page and then learn how to leverage the site to really get your online business humming along.

My IB income dropped month over month but because I have many other sources of income the damage is minor, the good news is that the drop in IB can’t go on forever and by making some changes to the way I publish here I’m sure that I can recover some of this lost revenue – let’s cross out fingers, after all, I still want to say I’m making $1000 dollars a month on InfoBarrel or more.