Chicago to London flights are not as frequent as some other flights to the English Capital city such as New York to London flights, but they are still reasonably frequent enough to be a regular on the departure screens at Chicago's O'Hare airport.

What airlines provide Chicago to London flights?

Although, they are not as many airlines compared to New York to London flights, there are four airlines that operate Chicago to London flights; American Airlines, United, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic who all offer flights to London Heathrow Airport from O'Hare Airport.

The airport is located 17 miles northwest of Chicago and is operated by the city of Chicago department of aviation and is the third biggest airport in the world and second biggest airport in terms of aircraft movements. Chicago O'Hare Airport has flights to over sixty foreign destinations and is the forth busiest airport in the United States for flights serving international passengers.

Chicago O'Hare International Airport is Chicago's main airport but Chicago also has another airport, Chicago Medway International Airport, which handles domestic flights only.

The Airport has four operational passenger terminals and is the main worldwide hub for United Airlines and American Airlines. It was constructed in 1942-43 as a manufacturing site for Douglas C-54s during world war two but in 1945 the facility was chosen by the city of Chicago to be the site of their future airport and once the airport was constructed, it was named after Lieutenant Commander Edward 'Butch' O'Hare, USN who was a world war two flying ace, who was awarded the medal of honour.

Chicago O'Hare Airport is renowned for being quite crowded and prone to long delays and cancellations and it reports state O'Hare airport as being one of the least punctual airports in the United States.

In order to combat this, the city of Chicago has modernised Chicago O'Hare Airport so now it has six runways as opposed to the four it once had and can take a maximum of one hundred and twelve planes per hour. This makes its ability to take long haul flights even better than before as more air traffic can be accommodated that goes in and out of the airport and the volume has increased over the year. Long haul flights take off from O'Hare airport every day to many destinations around the world and as the third busiest airport in the world; it has connections to every major city in the world including London.

Chicago to London flights are one of many routes offered out of Chicago and it is an extremely popular route for business travellers and tourists alike.