Fun things to do in Mexico

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If you are a history or archeological buff, then a trip to Mexico to see Chichen Itza would be something to remember for the rest of your life. Chichen Itza  is the biggest of all of the the archaeological cities from pre-Columbian Maya civilizations in the whole country of Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula and is one of the places in Mexico that is famous.

 Chosen as New 7TH Wonder of the World

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Chichen Itza was even given the prestigious status of World Heritage Site in 1988 and has been chosen as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, so with any travel to Mexico it is a top spot now for tourists. It makes a great Mexican holiday trip for the whole family to learn about this interesting culture.

If you plan to travel to Mexico, you will want to stop there to visit the sites that the local Mayan communities from nearby Chichen Itza have set up for tourists to visit. Then you can learn all about the Mayan Culture.

The locals recommend that you plan for a whole day’s adventure, and then you can schedule a few nights in Mexico hotels so you can enjoy some of the other nearby places. You can hire your own guide right at the museum and it cost only 160 pesos to get into it.

Town Was Saved By Archeological Digs in 1920s

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The area in Chichen Itza was a pilgrimage town for the Mayans for thousands of years. One of the interesting sites to see on your Mexico travel is the Sacred Cenote, which is a large natural well and it was considered a holy place to worship the ancient God of Rain, whose name is Chac.

The historical structures in Chichen Itza were falling apart until the archeological projects helped to get them restored in the 1920s. Now, lots of tourists see them every day while on vacations to Mexico. It is a very popular city for their all inclusive trips to Mexico.

The site is a place where you can walk around, so wear comfortable shoes, and wear sunscreen to protect you from the sun, as there isn’t much shade there in Chichen Itza.

Several Historical and Fascinating Sites to Visit

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Some of the sites to see are the Pyramind of Kukulcan, El Castillo, the Interior Temple, Temple of the warriors, Platform of the Skulls, the temple of the Jaguars, the sweat baths, the El Caracol temple, the High Priest Grave, the Nunnery, temple of the Wall Panels, Akab Dzib (full of wonderful and mysterious hieroglyphic inscriptions), Old Chichen (just a few minutes walk away) and many more on your travel Mexico to Chichen Itza.

A Vacation You Will Never Forget

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It is one of the cheap Mexican vacations that you are sure not to forget and you can even find lots of fun things to do with kids along the way. So be sure to plan one of your next Mexico trips to the fascinating and ancient city of Chichen Itza. And don’t miss some of the other nearby things to visit such as the Caves of Balankanche, where there is pottery and idols and other artifacts from pre-Columbia to view!