Chickens, an easy to keep and useful pet

More and more people are getting interested in keeping chickens.  Even people in suburbs that don't have a barnyard, but just a small backyard are starting to keep chickens.  A rooster may be a problem in this situation but there's no need for a rooster for the hens to lay eggs.  Just 3 or 4 hens will provide most of the eggs that a small family needs, and the eggs will be wonderful.

If there is room available it will work to move the chickens around from one area to another.  Chickens penned too long on one are will quickly reduce any foliage to bear dirt.  For this reason chicken fencing can be helpful to move your poultry around.

Even if the chickens are allowed to roam in a fenced area you will still want to supplement them with feed in a chicken feeder.  And chickens should always have access to a clean source of water.

A good way to get started with chickens is to obtain a couple chicks, by either hatching your own in an incubator or purchasing some locally.  You can mail order them but you need to get at least 25 in an order.  Chickens that are handled from their youngest day will be very docile and will even eat out of your hand.

Electric chicken fencing

Another type of chicken fencing is electric net fencing, which can also be used for goats or sheep.  This fencing isn't the best for containing chicks, but full grown chickens should not be an issue.  Often this type of fence has step in posts already attached every so many feet.  

This type electric net fencing also comes in various sizes, different heights, as well as different spacing between the strands of fencing.  Another feature to look for in this type of fencing is one that has semi rigid vertical spacers that will help prevent the fence from sagging.

To just contain chickens it probably is not necessary to actually get an electric fencer to charge the fence.  If predators can be an issue the fencer may be a good ideas at the shock may help deter them destroying your barnyard poultry flock.

This electric net fencing is designed to be used either as a movable fence or semi-perminent fence.  Either way, if you get a 160 foot roll you'll be able to fence in a 40x40 area, plenty of area for a good sized flock of chickens.  If the fence is used to contain chickens on one area for a long time you should figure on it being totally pecked and stractched bear and to also supply the primary source of feed for the chickens

How to keep the chickens from flying over the fence

This was a quick example of how to clip a chickens feathers to keep them from flying over your chicken fencing.  This was just a video I found on Youtube, but did you notice the electric net fence behind the man holding the chicken?

If you don't have a large enough area to warrent putting up chicken fencing you may want to consider a chicken tractor.  A chicken tractor is simply a small movable pen to contain the chickens.  It will require moving more often than a larger fenced in area, but they can work well for a small yard.