Best Christmas Poultry Gifts for the Chicken Keeper

Christmas shopping for the gifts for the poultry keeper who has everything is not an easy task!  Save time and make online shopping easier for the perfect Christmas chicken gift by perusing our time saving Chicken Lover's gift list.

Here are the winners for the most tasteful, coolest, useful, fun poultry gifts.  A chicken owner may not buy these chicken gifts for themselves, but are sure to love them. 

Christmas Gifts the Poultry Keeper will Love

Excellent Cheaper Chicken Gift Ideas too

Brinsea Octagon best small chicken hatching egg incubator for hobby farmChicken Egg Incubator -  The number one wished-for gift for a poultry keeper.  I know chicken enthusiasts that have had egg incubators given as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas!  Christmas is an excellent time to get an incubator, just in time for the chicken hatching season.  There are many shapes sizes and models and it can be confusing.  Having a helpful incubator buying guide will help you choose the right chicken egg incubator. 


Highly Accurate Digital Brinsea Spot Check Egg Incubator Thermometer

Brinsea Spot check Thermometer - the only thermometer the chicken lover will ever need for hatching chicks, they will thank you for it!  Only needed if they already have a chicken egg incubator or are getting one for Christmas.

One hundred ways for a Chicken to train its human Diane Parker

Packs of Chicken Greeting Cards - There are some beautiful photos or Art designs or there are many amusing chicken cartoon humour cards out there.  Most welcome are 'Thank You' and 'Blank'.

One Hundred Ways for a Chicken to Train its Human Book by Diane Parker - Hilarious little reader for those with pet chickens

Antiuq Poultry painting poster with chickens in a barn

Vintage Antique Poultry Poster Gift with Chickens and Ducks in a barnyard farmyard

Antique Poultry Posters with Chickens and Ducks - Beautiful  traditional images of Cockerals and Hens in farm and barn yard settings.  These chicken pictures are suitable for framing and available in many sizes, and lovely for the chicken enthusiast.

I`m the mad Chicken lady t-shirt

T-shirts with chicken designs are always fun and useful.  Great to wear to poultry swaps and shows!  Favourites are the OCD, Obsessive Chicken disorder ones!


Vintage Poultry advertizing Coffee travel Mug Insulated Chicken GiftInsulated chicken design coffee mugs are great to take out for early morning chores or to swaps and shows.   What about a regular beautifully designed mug for a welcome cup of tea inside after chores, as the hens free range outside.    These gorgeous cWilliams Poultry food Vintage Chicken Advertizing Gift Mug Cupoffee mugs have a Vintage 'William's Poultry Feed' advertizement in the style of Pears on them and  are useful as well as attractive.  

Gift certificates from a hatchery or poultry breeder are an awesome Christmas gift and timely, just in time for the new chick hatching season.

More Great Chicken Gift Ideas for the Chicken Owner

Online shopping for poultry gifts is great, no fighting with crowds at the mall, and a huge selection of gifts and great prices.  Chicken presents arrive right at your door or even better, gift wrapped at your poultry keeper friend's house, no matter how far away. 

If you have still not seen the perfect online poultry gift for the poultry keeper,  there are hundreds of unique poultry gift ideas to peruse online from your armchair.  It is wonderful to customise these chicken gifts too with pictures the poultry keepers own pet chickens.