Finished sandwich


2 rashers of bacon

3 slices of bread, white, brown or any other type as preferred

2 mushrooms, sliced

Butter or spread for the toast

Grated Cheddar cheese

Chicken mayonnaise

Olive oil for frying



Cheddar cheese comes in a range of strengths, so choose a strength you like. Grate the cheese.

Wash and slice the mushrooms.

You can use pre-made chicken mayonnaise, or make your own. The chicken mayo used here was a chicken and bacon sandwich filling. One easy way of making your own is to slice a cooked chicken breast and add it to bought mayonnaise.

Trim the bacon rashers.

Cooking Instructions

All the steps which require something to be cooked should ideally be done at the same time, so everything is ready simultaneously.

Toast the bread. Butter one side of each piece. Although white bread was used here, you can use any type you like. If the toast is ready before the fillings are cooked, you may wish to keep it warm in the oven.

Buttered toast

Cook the bacon. This can be grilled, cooked in a George Foreman grill, or as was done here, cooked on the hob in a George Foreman grill pan. The grill pan was used simply because it's easier to clean.

Cooked bacon

Cook the mushrooms. You can gently fry the sliced mushrooms in a bit of olive oil, or you can microwave them. To microwave, cook on high for about 2 minutes in a 700 watt oven. Adjust accordingly depending on the power of your microwave, and check during cooking. Cooking the mushrooms in the microwave can dry them out though.

Cooked mushrooms

Add the chicken mayo to the bottom slice of bread. If you shallow fried the mushrooms, drain off any excess oil, and add them on top of the chicken mayo.

Chicken mayo and mushrooms

Place the second slice of toast on top, and butter the top side of the second slice.

Second slice of toast

Place the cooked bacon on top, then sprinkle the grated cheese on.

Bacon and cheese

Place the third slice of toast on, and press down lightly.

Serving Instructions

Slice the chicken mayonnaise, mushroom, cheese and bacon sandwich in half.