Summer is the time for people to be outdoors. The grills come out and people enjoy eating in the sun. The George Foreman grill is perfect for any weather because this grill can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Chicken is a popular choice when it comes to food because it tastes good and is healthy. Using the George Foreman grill to grill chicken is a great, easy way to enjoy it. Chicken is also healthy. In fact, grilled, boneless, skinless chicken breasts are one of the healthier choices. this article will provide several grilled chicken recipes using the George Foreman grill.

Barbecue Grilled Chicken Breast

First, plug in the George Foreman grill and allow it to heat. Be sure any grease or dirt is cleaned off before doing this. While the grill is heating take out about a pound of thawed out, boneless chicken breasts. Use a sharp knife to cut the chicken into one inch pieces. You can leave the breasts uncut but it will take longer to grill them. Cutting them in small pieces works better. Season the chicken and add to the grill. Put the lid down gently. Allow them to cook for three to five minutes. Take them off the grill and pour barbecue sauce on them. You may serve them hot with rice, salad or any other side dish. You may also put them on bread and have a barbecue chicken sandwich.

Asian Style Grilled Chicken.

You may leave the chicken breasts in strips or cut in small pieces. You will need about a pound to feed four. Cutting the chicken in one inch pieces works best because they will cook faster. Plug in the grill and allow it to heat while you cut up the chicken. Season it with soy sauce and seasoning salt. Put on the grill for three to five minutes. When it's done put it on white rice. Add soy sauce for extra flavor. You may also grill onions with the chicken and add a little lemon juice for more flavor. 

Fajita Grilled Chicken

This chicken tastes great in tacos, salads or by itself. Chop up a pound of boneless chicken breasts into one inch pieces. This will feed four. Season it with a package of fajita seasoning. Let the grill heat. Then grill the chicken for three to five minutes. Be sure it's not pink. Serve hot with any side, in a salad or taco. You may add bell peppers to the grill and onions while grilling the chicken. This gives it some more spice. You can dip the pieces in salsa.