Chickens of the Caribbean. How to season chicken Caribbean style !

Pirate chicken

Caribbean food may seem taboo to many people but seasoning meats, particularly chicken is simpler than you would think.

You will need :

cloves of garlic                                    black pepper

onion (sliced)                                      hot pepper or chilli seasoning

paprika                                                green onions

all purpose seasoning                       1/2 tsp grated ginger (optional)

garlic seasoning                                 chicken bouillon cubes (maggi)

First thing you must do is freshen the chicken by adding some tsps of lemon or lime juice. Wash chicken afterwards. Caribbean people do not particularly enjoy eating chicken that has not been 'freshened' by lemon or lime juice.

Pound the garlic until flattened or dice finely. Add all ingredients. Measurements should be roughly 2 tsps of each seasoning powder per 3 pounds of chicken. Use as much onion, hot pepper and green pepper as you like. Onions and green pepper give lots of flavour to chicken.

The secret to the Caribbean flavouring is in the marinade time. Marinade chicken for at least one hour. The more hours you marinade the chicken, the more flavour it gets.

Chicken Stew:

Stewed chicken on rice with red beans and sliced avocado.

All Caribbean people stew 95% of their meat 100% of the time. Ideal Caribbean stewed chicken is golden brown in colour. This brown colour is derived from heating the brown sugar.

In a hot pot, add 2 tbsps of vegetable oil. When oil is hot, add a 2 tsps brown sugar (per 3 pounds of chicken). Watch the brown sugar begin to spread in the hot oil as it changes from soild form to liquid. It will resemble caramel syrup. When the dark brown syrup begins to spread in the pot, add your marinaded meat.(Do not allow syrup to become black in colour, otherwise the meat will have a burnt taste). 

Saute chicken in syrup for a few minutes. Add a 1/4 cup of water. Cover pot. When water has evaporated in pot, the chicken should be golden brown.

Add enough water now to cook. When cooked, leave about 1/4 cup of water for the gravy and add ketchup. Simmer.

Eat chicken stew with: White rice, basmati rice, noodles, beans, mac and cheese, diumplings, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, potato casserole, pit breaf, flat bread or with sauteed vegetables.

Chicken Curry:

Chicken curry on white rice

Curry is not as intimidating as it sounds. Season the chicken as instructed above. Marinade.

In a pot, add oil. Saute two cloves of crushed garlic in the oil for a few seconds. Do not burn.

In 1/4 cup of water, combine 2 tbsps of curry and 1 tsp cumin (per 3 pounds of chicken). Mix until uniform. Add curry mixture to the pot with garlic and oil. Saute a few minutes so that curry cooks. Do not burn.

Add marinaded chicken. Coat in curry for a few minutes. Add enough water to cook. When water is nearly evaporated, simmer for a few minutes until sauce thickens a bit.

Eat chicken curry with: White rice, basmati rice, dumplings, pita bread, flat bread or with sauteed vegetables.