Today's child is a wonderful, magical mixture of sense-abilities.In the past 20 years, science has unlocked the door to the infant mind, giving parents logical proof that their children have genius-like learning abilities in the first three years of life. Research studies substantiate that brain development in the womb and during the first 36 months of life is incredibly rapid. Cell growth during this time also surpasses all future growth cycles. We are encouraged to do all we can for our children in the hopes that the knowledge they gain and the positive learning habits they form during this time will in uence and enhance their learning and quality of lives throughout their lifetime. But what science has not yet connected the dots for us pertains to what happens when a child is given a host of wholesome learning stimulus during this time. They have not yet shared the totality of what the infant heart-mind connection can really do once lovingly activated. Once they do, they will uncover a new generation with astonishing abilities.

We have become pioneers in the infant classroom who, inspired by the possibilities, have dedicated time and energy to raise our children with exciting learning materials and accelerated learning techniques. We have incredible belief in their potential!

In order to fully understand the traits of this new generation, we learned that we needed to resonate with them, as the Bible and many other holy texts have encouraged mankind to become like a little child. Only after doing so, can we finally come to understand that this is today's child:

•Today's child picks up information at an incredibly fast rate. He is wired to continually gather information and connect, or link, it to what he already knows.

•Today's child is a multi-sensorial being, absorbing information beyond the five physical senses. He can sense and discern subtle differences of light (color), sound (pitch), and electrical currents and electromagnetic fields. He is keen to the emotional climate of a room and can size-up people - their thoughts, feelings and intentions - in an instant.

•Today's child seeks clarity and balance. He is extra sensi-tive to his physical environment, including clothing and furniture textiles, bedding, building materials, food, colors, temperature, lighting, and sound. He thrives on pure food, water, air, organic materials and nature.

•Today's child responds to love and unconditional accept-ance. His potential owers in an atmosphere of limitless understanding of his potential free from expectation or stress. He blossoms in a joyful, stimulating environment that meets his individual needs.

•Today's child can bring mental images to life. He can see mental images clearly, three-dimensionally, with all of his senses. He has the ability to imagine, invent, and create a positive future for us all.