Dissolution of marriage is quite a tough decision for both man and woman. There are a lot of tears involved when a union comes to an end. But what makes a divorce worse?

Two people can escape from a marriage. But it is not an easy choice to escape parenthood. Unlike property and wealth, children can not be equally divided between two people. A child needs a permanent home for a healthy psychological development. Therefore the battles of child custody can get inevitable in most of the cases.

These battles can get ugly during certain phases. But still it is quite an important and a legal way to settle things in the court. Obviously both the parents can file an appeal for the custody of their child. But before they take things any step forward, they must individually assess if they will be able to bear this responsibility in a better way or not. This involves both financial and emotional aspects.

Child custody issues are complex and needs special consideration in every case. Hiring an attorney will be a good decision. Although it is extremely important for both the parties to remain present in the court during settlements and enthusiastically participate to prove that each one of them is equally interested in the kid.

There can be few basic things that separate a winning parent from the deprived one.

1. The winning parent is more concerned about the betterment of the child rather then his or her own. People often spoil their case when they make a mistake of being selfish and consider custody to be a matter of ego.

2. Display of anger in the court weakens the case of child custody. Insulting the other parent of the child in front of the jury might falsely predict that you are fighting this case only to defeat your former spouse and have a tendency to even mistreat your child.

3. The deserving parent must know all the minor details about their child's problems and health care. He or she will always be present for hearings and will not make a mistake of coming unprepared.

4. The parent who shall have the custody of the child will obviously not be a characterless person, involved in unlawful business, have a criminal record and will surely not be an addict.

5. Children need love, care and attention and a parent with custody of the child has to be kind enough to give it all to the kid.

There are cases, where for the wellbeing of kids, parents set aside their differences and mutually agree to settle things wisely and in a better environment. Both the parents can ensure that the love and attention is not snatched from for the child. Many times it gets difficult for single mothers to take care of the financial needs of their child. In such a case, fathers should consider financial bearing of all the expenses of the child.