Child diabetes has now become a disease which needs serious attention. If this is not treated effectively it would spread like an epidemic and affect the children of all sections of our society. It was a disease of the old, now it is also disease of the young.

Diabetes in children

You will be surprised and shocked at how fast child diabetes is growing. No doubt it is due to the very unhealthy life style of our modern society. Children have now become less active and spends hours each day watching TV and playing on their game consoles and computers, most children don't spend even a single minute of the day exercising. There are two types of diabetes type 1 and type 2. The type 2 child diabetes mainly occurs in children and is rarely reported in adults.

Causes and symptoms

Child diabetes is the condition of deficiency of the insulin produced. It is caused due to the inability of the pancreas. Many factors owe to this condition, number one a less active life style is a primary reason for children developing diabetes. Due to the increase in the usage of the Internet, TVs and gaming the children will be in a drowsy state most of the time and this can lead to obesity. Second is an uncontrolled diet i.e., the deficiency of the necessary nutrients and vitamins that the body needs to function correctly. Reduced or no exercise at all and high fats in the body can also cause child diabetes.

The symptoms include tiredness and drowsiness, excess urine passage and high sugar levels in blood and urine. As the time goes on if the symptoms are left untreated many other problems like increased thirst, dehydration, abdominal pain, vomiting, headaches, other habitual problems and dry skin may also occur. Whenever these symptoms of child diabetes are found you should seek proper medication from a physician as soon as possible.

Diagnosis and Treatment

If any symptoms of child diabetes are seen you must immediately go to the doctors to confirm it and take the necessary medication. Normally the sugar level of blood or urine and sometimes the level of ketones are measured for the diagnosis of child diabetes. It is tested after the child is made to fast.

The main aim of treatment of child diabetes is maintaining a normal blood sugar level. The treatment is different for type 1 and type 2 child diabetes. For type 1, the child is given insulin to control blood sugar. For type 2, drugs are given in the mouth. In both types of child diabetes, they need to take a prescribed child diabetes diet and exercise regularly. Type 2 diabetes is not usually treated in hospital. They are provided with the drugs to be taken by the mouth and are treated at home. These drugs alone are not sufficient for the treatment of child diabetes. Children should follow a well planned diet like the food pyramid and should decrease the consumption of fatty foods. Exercise must also be a part of the child's daily routine.

How to prevent

To prevent child diabetes from affecting your children, you should first take this disease more seriously and follow the strict guidelines given by your physician. First and foremost is to make the child active, healthy and fit. This can be achieved by daily exercise, contributing some time for sports. Nutritional management should be done next which includes keeping an healthy and balanced diet plan. The diet should concentrate on more intake of carbohydrates, other fruits and vegetables. Processed and fast foods such as burgers, pizzas and chips must be avoided. Regular tests for child diabetes should also be taken, as well as counseling so that the child is aware of this serious disease.