There has been a small debate amongst people for many years as to whether child harnesses are a good thing or a bad thing. Those who defend child harnesses will say that by using child harnesses on their toddlers, life becomes much easier as they do not have to worry about their toddler straying away. Those against child harnesses will say that no one has the right to treat their toddler like they are some kind of animal by having a leash on them.

Many years ago, I was in opposition to those who chose to use child harnesses. I seen it as many others still do, I would think to myself how some people were crazy to treat their child like they were a dog or something. I mean, it just didn't seem right to me. Why in the world did someone need a leash on their kid, couldn't they just watch their toddler and hold their hand? If the child started straying away, couldn't they just teach them that they are to walk next to mommie or daddy? Of course all of this kind of thinking came from me before I actually became a parent. That's not to say all parents support child harnesses, but I guarantee you that many who were against them before they became parents sure changed their mind once they had kids.

As you can probably tell, I am very supportive of parents usingchild harnesses on their children. Don't get me wrong here, I do not believe that a child should be attached to a child harness every time he or she is out with their parents. I do believe though that child harnesses should be used in very crowded areas where there are lots of people walking around, it is so easy for a child to get lost in a huge crowd. I can hear some people saying that if you watch your kids properly they will not get lost in a crowd, but a person must realize that all it takes for a person to lose sight of their child is a second or two. We are only human beings, and can easily be distracted by something for a few seconds that could make us lose sight of our child and wouldn't we be better off being safe than sorry.

A really cool thing about child harnesses is that they are not just leashes, as some people like to call them. A person can buy a child harness today that their child will really enjoy carrying around themselves. Child harnesses easily attach to a child sort of like a backpack, and some actually do have little backpacks on them. Child harnesses even come in many different kinds of characters and cuddly animals such as dogs, cats, frogs, bears, lions, elephants, and any other kinds of animals that you can think of.Child harnesses can be found at any of your local retailers and will be found in the child safety department. The reason for this is that child harnesses are a vital part of the child safety industry. Having a child harness will keep your child safe and happy at all times and let you be worry free.

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