Trying to pay back child support can take years and years. Many fathers are currently thousands of dollars in delinquent child support. A lot of the fathers have decided not to pay for their child. I often find this a pathetic excuse for a human being. Your child should always come first. Understanding how to pay back child support can be very helpful for you, but even more so for the child. When fathers don't pay child support, Department Of Health And Human Services (DHHS) has to come into the mix and offer support for the mother. Often this is not enough to get by each week or month. Do you really want your child to go with out. Below are ways to pay support to your child.

What is child support?

Child support is a payment that is given to the primary care giver of your child. The money is used to help pay for bills and supplies that are need. DHS will often come after Dads that have been negligent and haven't paid for their offspring's. The amount is calculated from the salary of the mother and father. On average child support starts at $50.00 a week and up. If you decide not to pay for you support DHHS will take your license away.

Get a job.

This is on of the most obvious answers to this question. Get a job and try to keep it. A lot of fathers don't even try to get jobs any more because DHS takes to much money out every week. While that is true, do you really want to just not working so you don't have to give up the money. In the long run you and your child will be loosing out. The smallest amount of money your child receives will help them out significantly. The best way to not even know you have sent you support to your child is to have it taken out manually by DHHS

Make sure if you decide to start paying you child support, you use checks or money orders. I know the world is not perfect and people tell lies. Keeping a proper record of support checks will save time and hassle for you in the future.

Do odd jobs.

Doing odd jobs mean you are your own boss and can make sure you are paid for what your worth. You will be able to make enough money to balance out rent, bills and child support. If you are paying support though odd jobs make sure proper records are kept.

Sell Items

You knew the moment you let your soldiers go; there might be a possibility that your ex might get pregnant. You retain the responsibility from that moment on. If you have a car and cant afford to make child support payment sell the car. On average it will take around $5000, a year to spend on Child Support. Remember if you don't pay child support your license will be SUSPENDED.

Many men think it is easy to skirt their responsibilities and leave it for the mother. Please try not to be a deadbeat. The taxpayers are getting tired of footing the bills and will soon make laws to curb the problem. Your child does not deserve to have an immediate disadvantage due to your callus mistakes. If you plan not to ever pay give up your kid and leave them alone. You will have to pay all back support, but at least you escaped your debt. Remember though every day of your life that your child is living without you and it was your decision.


If you are currently waiting for child support please attempt all means possible to obtain the payment before going to DHS. Make sure you keep your records of all payments in a safe place and bring them to the proper place. In most cases if your ex partner is over $2000 in delinquent child support they will suspend their license. Research proper attorneys to help you with your case. The most important tip is don't give up. You will get help.