Protection is one of the necessities in the human life, everyone no matter the age requires protection and that is why in every situation the safety factor is looked into.

The most affected are the children for they are so vulnerable, they are weak in body structure as well as in structure. Anyone who comes into contacts with children whether infants or school going children should have knowledge of how to take care of them when to know that the children are being oppressed or depressed of any requirements.

At home or in school the staff that interacts with the children should have undertaken child protection training. There are certain institutions that offer the child protection training courses and it is mandatory that everyone who comes into contact with children take this course after a given amount of time to refresh their knowledge, in most countries the period is three years.

Child protection training courses are offered with the aim of creating awareness and encouraging proper conduct in the presence of children, or on activities that affect children. The training is offered to various institutions such as families, schools, community groups, support centers and other groups where children aged between 0 – 18 years get into contact with. The partakers of the child protection training courses are required to understand the definition and identification of child abuse and neglect.

Upon identification then the trained personnel should know how to deal with the indecent exposure. Other objectives of the training include; awareness and assessment of the child's needs and how the child is affected by race, culture, gender and ability. One is also trained on how to deal with the issue of discrimination, how it affects the child and its family. Proper understanding of the child protection system and the roles of the professionals in it, thus upon identifying and appropriate action of a situation that puts a child in harm's way is easily dealt with accordance to the system. The child protection training also helps the trainee to understand the offender and victims behaviors and act on them even if it's making a referral.

Advancing ion the child protection training programs equip one with knowledge and skills that will enable one to act as a child protection officer or the functions of a designated person. One will also have the privileges of attending children protection conferences, identifying good practice in family settings among other responsibilities.