Some of you may know that music is an important aspect throughout all childhood development stages as it helps to aid the development of communication, language and memory skills all of which will play a crucial role in the later life of the child. Accompanying music, dancing also help the establish coordination, promotes self-expression while providing a means of exercise. It is easy to see the benefits of exposing children to music at a young age; however it can prove far more difficult determining a genre of music which will influence your child. Reggae provides a style of music to tick all the correct boxes.

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Positive Message


The core message behind the lyrics of reggae music is of a general peace and unity of all mankind. Said perfectly in the title of Bob Marley’s song ‘One Love’, the message of reggae express the importance of respecting one another, accepting people’s differences and the ability to have confidence in oneself. All of which are provide a kind the kind of message that I would to teach my children and for them to take notice of.

Rhythms and Dancing


The musical rhythms of reggae music provide a positive and uplifting feel, while the composition of real instrument put together to create the sound put forward an appreciation and understanding of a variety of different instruments. There is no set style for dancing to reggae and it is left to the listener to find a movement for the music which will help to encourage a sense of individuality for your child. This can be important to help a child to develop the skill to make their own decision and not to follow the crowd or what they experience other people doing. This development can be important when a child reaches teenage years to help them deal and not be subjected to peer pressures.  

Role Models


With the stereotypical image of Rasta’s smoking ganja put aside, the majority of reggae musicians can provide a good role model for children when compared to the vanity and superficial nature of many pop stars and celebrities. The image of a role model provided by a favourite music artist can have a profound effect on the choice that a child can make as they reach teenage years.

The joyful nature of the music combined with the often straight forward and simple lyrics of reggae music, it is not surprising that children quickly pick up and remember the words and its catchy rhythms. If you are looking to find a stimulating and enjoyable method of encouraging childhood development stages, I would recommend purchasing one of the many complication Cd’s specifically designed for young listeners. These put together a variety of styles of reggae by many different artist to ensure a diversity or sound and experience for all listeners.