Childhood stage is the most delicate stage in the life of human beings. It is in this stage that a person contracts many diseases. It is therefore very important to know common diseases and how they can be treated to prevent child death.

This is the most common childhood diseases that affect many children. The child develops itchy spots all over the body. Chickenpox is accompanied with fever and headache. To cure this disease, it is advisable to seek medical advice whenever you witness signs of chickenpox. Parents should know that chickenpox is highly infectious. It is a good idea to isolate the infected child from the healthy ones.

Whooping cough
It is another common childhood diseases. Care should be taken to ensure that the disease is prevented since it can cause death within a very short time. The symptoms of the disease includes; coughing and difficulty in breathing especially during the night. Whooping cough is an infectious disease and it can be transmitted from one child to another. To prevent this disease it is advisable to have good ventilation in your living room to allow fresh air. It is good also to seek medical advice whenever you witness any signs of whooping cough.

Scarlet fever
Scarlet fever is common in children under ten years. It is associated with fever, sore throat and rashes in the armpits and groins. The child also loses the appetite and he or she might die due to starvation. To treat scarlet fever, it is important to visit medical centre. An antibiotic is prescribed and it is important that a full dose is completed. Parents should be aware that scarlet fever is highly infectious and isolation of the sick child from the health ones is recommended.

It is another common childhood disease although the whole world has taken step in fighting the diseases. The signs of measles include; fever, goose like pimples all over the body and loss of appetite. Measles causes death within a very short time and it is infectious. Measles can be prevented through vaccination of the child at an early stage.

Polio is one of the childhood diseases that the world is fighting. It is an infectious diseases and it is very hard to treat once it has attacked a child. Signs of polio include lameness. Once the child has contracted the disease, he or she will live with it for the rest of the life. Prevention of polio is through vaccination.