Childproofing Your Home-Safety First

Your children are the love of your life; despite the fact that sometimes they bring out the gray in your hair, you would probably jump in front of a bullet for them. Parents would definitely do everything in their power to ensure their child's well-being; even if it means inconveniencing them a slight bit. However, some parents overlook the simple fact that a home left unaltered, is one of the most dangerous places that a child can be in. Childproofing your home is a common thing to do when you have a child; childproofing your home properly is a rare thing to witness. I am sure that they spent a lot of time laying down foam mats in the playroom so that their child will not hurt themselves when they fall; however, did they cover those electrical outlets, and fasten those windows so the child doesn't have the ability to face life-threatening injuries?

Most parents cover all of the blatantly dangerous aspects; but the disturbing thing is that the not-so-obvious aspects are the ones that can harm your child the most! Coming from an experienced parent, I have seen many things happen that I would have never thought were dangerous before; moreover, I have written this article to pass this knowledge of childproofing your home onto you so that you can ensure your child's well being to the fullest extent. Follow these tips and you will be able to sleep at night knowing that your home has been effectively childproofed, and that your precious child is playing in a safe environment.

Cover All Electrical Outlets

Sure, we all know that the electrical outlet is simply to plug appliances into, but do you think that your 3 year old has the same knowledge? Children, especially at young ages, have a tendency to try to touch and taste everything that they see; this is why you constantly hear parents telling their children: "don't put that in your mouth", or "put that down, that's dirty". These phrases are fine and dandy when you child is licking the toy that you just gave them; however, it poses a bigger problem when they are trying to stick their tongue in those holes that they see in the wall that we know as electrical outlets. Almost every hardware store sells electrical outlet plates to cover the holes; go and purchase a few and save your child from a shocking surprise!

Block All Stairways With Gates

In addition to touching and tasting things, children love to climb up and down anything that looks small enough; unfortunately stairs fall under this "small enough" category. Climbing up the stairs does not pose a huge danger, but just like the old saying goes, what goes up must come down; falling down the stairs poses a huge danger, and can cause injuries such as broken or fractured bones. Since children do not have the knowledge to avoid the stairs, preventative measures must be taken to disallow them from using the stairs. When childproofing your home, stairway blocking can be one of the most effective actions; head to your local hardware store and purchase a gate for your stairway, so that your child does not learn the story of Humpty Dumpty through their experience!

Block All Windows With Guards

Windows may seem like a simple tool for air circulation; however, in regards to childproofing your home, they are a nightmare. The screens, if there are any, are easily broken; even a 3 year old can put their fist through them with enough force. And windows may seem high, but houses are full of things that a child can step on to gain access to them. It is more than possible for a child to fall out of a window by the time that you answer the door when you hear the doorbell; frightening but true! You can either place a lock in a high location on the window, or purchase a guard that will not allow any child to gain access to it; whichever you choose, this is a necessary step in childproofing your home.

Lock All Doors That Need It

This may inconvenience you the most; however, it will provide the most safety when childproofing your home. Doors that allow access to the playroom are absolutely fine without a lock, but a door to the laundry room could pose a huge danger to a curious child. There are many dangerous things in the laundry room, the most notable being the washer and the dryer. A child that is merely curious and adventurous could easily find their way into these appliances, which could lead to horrible outcomes. Door locks can be found nearly everywhere, and should be used as a precaution when childproofing your home; don't use them on every door, but rather only the necessary ones.

Latch All Cupboards

Cupboard do not pose a huge danger to a child's well being, but minor injuries should also be avoided. Children love things that make noise. Think back to when you were about 7 or 8 and had complete unrestricted access to the cupboards; I'm sure that you loved slamming them shut solely for the noise that they made. Children at 2 or 3 years old desire that exact same thing; however, at that young age their motor skills are not yet fully developed, so they can easily slam those cupboards into their fingers. This can be a painful experience for your child, and should be avoided at all costs. Latches that secure the cupboards shut can be purchased at your local hardware store; use them when you are childproofing your home so that you children don't end up learning about the color purple by looking at their fingers!

Store All Harmful Substances High Up

The amount of times that I see parents storing things like Tylenol on the bottom shelf, and comet cleaning powder underneath their sinks is ridiculous. Storing them in non-elevated places is fine when your children become old enough to know the potentially harmful effects of these things; however, at a young age extra precautions must be taken. If you are unsure about the effects of ingesting a food or substance, simply read the label; if there are any potential dangers involved they must be listed on the label according to the law. Take the extra step when childproofing your home and store harmful substances in an elevated area so that your child doesn't find out what a doctor does by going into his office!

Many people childproof their home when they first have a child; however, in order to properly ensure the well being of that child, you must go the extra mile to childproof anything that may be potentially harmful. Most of these childproofing devices and materials can be found in your local hardware store, and some of them are so common that they can even be found in your local grocery store! I am sure that you child means everything to you, so take the extra step when childproofing your house so that you can fully prevent injury and sickness.