Swimming is a vital part of Australian culture. We are home to some of the best beaches and reefs in the world and yet if you can't swim you can't enjoy these pleasures or at least be safe. If children don't learn when there young when will they learn?

In every state except Western Australia deaths by drowning are increasing annually. The majority of the victims are children. If a child could swim or at least stay afloat and breathe until the guardian could save them. This could save an enormous amount of live and make every state the same as WA.

In the Stirling Council, 964 pool fences were classified unsafe. This means if a child was playing in the backyard and decided to go for a swim there is a life lost. So if there were 964 pool fences unsafe in one council, how many unsafe pools could there be in the whole of WA?

Exercise is becoming very important in our modern lifestyle as child obesity is increasing. There are many positives to swimming in Australia. Due to us being and island means that we have many beaches allowing us to go to go for a swim whenever we want for free. It also costs just a few dollars to go to the local swimming pool anyway if you're not so close to the ocean. Swimming is also great fun. It is a great leisure which also allows you to go down water slides, play sports like waterpolo, sailing, and compete in triathlons. The best part about swimming is that it can be done in a group or individually.

In many jobs it is required to have your Bronze Medallion. To get this you need to be able to swim comfortably and pull of a rescue. If a child doesn't learn to swim when they're young, when will when will he/she learn?

Australia is one of the larger islands of the world. With the majority of the population living along the coast the typical Australian lifestyle involves the ocean and swimming very much. We also hold 2 of the worlds best reefs and if you can't swim you can't enjoy these phenomenon's or at least freely.

Australia has a very hot climate and in summer going for a swim is a great way of cooling off in summer. Australia also holds some of the nicest beaches in the world. Enjoying the beach is something you have to do but if you can't swim the beach is very hard to enjoy maybe just being able to play beach cricket.

Children need to swim while young because they find it easier and they have the time. The reason is in the text you've just read. So are you going to sit on your couch or organise some swimming lessons?