When it comes to young children and their ability to develop effectively at school it is vital that they are not only comfortable with the topics that they are learning about, but also with the tools that help them learn. Whether they are learning simple math equations, reading from a history or literature book, or simply taking some time to exercise their brains and draw with paints, a slant board for writing and drawing purposes is a great tool for children use.

A slant board is a specially built, adjustable work surface that minimizes eye strain and provides a better surface for children to work off of. Because the board is slanted, the child sees and read written text easier and also aids in getting rid of wrist and hand issues. Most slant boards are extremely lightweight, portable, durable and multi-functional, making it easy for the child to bring back and forth from school to the home. A slant board can be taken into the classroom to ease eye strain while school is in session and can also be easily transported into the home and the work area when the child finishes up homework or reads.

There are many types of dry erase marker board in the current market so it is vital to find a design that works best with the child. Look for a 22-degree angled board because it has been scientifically determined that this is the ideal position for optimal learning when reading and writing. A paper clip or other type of secure material is also necessary to hold up papers firmly on the board. A type of "book catch" or ridge is also another important component in order for unobstructed writing and reading. Folding legs underneath the slant board are also important because they will lock in the extended angle while in use and then fold back when closed for easy portability and storage. Other important features include a magnetic white board writing surface and dry erase board so that the child can take quick notes or use the surface when studying.

One of the benefits of using a slanted work surface is that the whole page of text is put into focus allowing for minimal eye strain and less fatigue while reading or writing on the board. A child's eyes don't have to refocus as much and it also makes the learning and reading experience more enjoyable for the child. The 22-degree angle also allows for the user to properly align themselves in a healthier posture and a healthier spine. Children can spend many hours each day in a classroom working on school projects and also at home under the same conditions. It is important, as a parent, to make sure the child is 100 percent comfortable in order to secure an optimal education.