Children of Bodom's Trashed, Lost, and Strung-Out cover


-Good production quality
-A very affordable EP
-4 great songs, all enjoyable
-The compositions are great musically speaking
-These are songs you can have fun and mosh to. There is nothing serious to be found on this EP, and probably nothing serious about this band as it is.
-There are 2 extra videos found on the same disk of some live performances


-For those of you who are more into atmospheric and moving songs, these may not be for you
-The lyrics are just stupid, really

Full Review

Children of Bodom is a band that is not to be taken seriously,apart from their musical aspects. Lyrically speaking, they are just silly. If you are in the mood for lighthearted, straight-forward metal music with no intention of moving its audience in any way other than to have fun (and possibly get drunk); than Children of Bodom is probably for you.

I had not heard much from this band prior to buying this EP. I actually bought the EP because it was a cheap way of checking out the band. I am very glad I bought it, to add.

I personally enjoy this band because they are able to successfully blend power metal, symphonic metal and to some extent death metal (especially vocally speaking). In some ways, the atmosphere of this album is a more complex (extensively, actually) form of punk rock.

Musically speaking this band has got it down to a science. The guitar tones are great, the drums are fairly standard for metal (blast beats and all), the synths really add an interesting effect. There are only 4 song on this EP (hey, it is an EP) but they are certainly enjoyable songs in and of themselves. The title track and "Knuckleduster" are both COB songs unique to this EP, the other two songs are covers of Alice Cooper's "Bed of Nails" and "She is Beautiful" by Andrew Krier.

Prior to this release I had never heard either of the original songs that were covered, but from the sound of them and my thorough enjoyment of COB's renditions; I feel they will certainly stand up against fans of those bands as well as COB fans.

From the standpoint of musical composition analysis, Children of Bodoms arrangements are great. There are definitely classic metal influences to be found, especially (if not obviously) on "Bed of Nails." Tremelo picking, sweep picking, tapping, tempo changes all abound on this EP. There is really no reason to deny the excellence of their music in terms of compositions.

In Closing

Children of Bodom is an interesting band, to say the least. They mix classical rock elements with symphonic and synthetic atmospheres. Add to that some thrashy/scream based vocals and you basically have Children of Bodom in a box. Their music is very anthem-based, like their predecessors such as Alice Cooper (whom they cover on this EP). It is very enjoyable and music to feel some good vibes and dance too.