Most parents throw birthday parties for their children. Some may think that having a party isn't such a big deal, but childrens birthday parties should have some thought put behind them.

There are some tips that every parent should consider in this article when preparing to throw a birthday party.

First of all, you ask, "How many kids should I invite?" An answer that may seem appropriate for some is, "The more the merrier!" or "However many I can fit in my home," or "However many I can handle."

The usual recommendation for parties in the past has been to invite the same number of kids as your birthday child's age. This doesn't have to be the case and usually doesn't work out so well.

If you follow these age recommendations for childrens birthday parties, you will probably have a better experience:

* Age 3 – 6-8 guests and no more than ten. Activities should be free play.

* Age 4 – 9-12 guests and no more than 15. Some simple games and activities should be planned.

* Ages 5-7 – 15 or fewer guests and no more than 18. Games are more fitting for this age group.

* Ages 8-10 – parties for this age group are usually planned out by the child, including a guest list and activities.

As far as parents are concerned, you can expect parents to stay with their invited children if they are between the ages of three and four. So, you should count on having more guests to feed.

When children are five or older, it is seldom for parents to stick around. It may be a good idea, however, to have a couple of parents around to help with crowd control. You can let parents what you expect in the invitation.

Childrens birthday parties can often be a hassle if you don't know where to have it or what kinds of activities to have.

You should accept suggestions from friends and even online. And remember, you don't want to leave out thank you notes when the ordeal is over with.

When your child is opening presents, you can write the name of the giver on the box the gift came in, or write it on a piece of paper so your child can write thank you notes later.

Hopefully, your children's birthday parties now allow you to keep your head on straight. By following some of these suggestions, you will end up having fun yourself.

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