Dinosaur toys will never lose their popularity with little boys and girls. Although dinosaur toys are getting more sophisticated, they are loved because they give a glimpse into a time and place that children dream of. They seem as magical as dragons or unicorns, but they existed and roamed the Earth for many years. They are great gifts for kids because they are educational and inspire the imagination.

dinosaur toy

Every child needs a couple of dinosaurs in their toy collection. They make great gifts because there are so many on the market. You can find some simple ones for under $10 that are good for children to use to act out scenes from their imagination. Or you can buy one of the larger and electronic ones that may cost a couple of hundred dollars. They can be characters from favorite books, movies, and TV shows, or just regular dinosaurs whose story is up to the child. All of the products mentioned on this page are available at Amazon.

Big Dinosaur Toys

If you are looking for big dinosaur toys for your young child, you will definitely want to consider Kota My Triceratops from Playskool. This is a large toy that your child can climb on and interact with. At over three feet tall, it certainly wins the big dinosaur toys award. It is animatronic and can respond to both voice and touch. It roars, makes laughing sounds, and is able to move its head, horn, tails, and mouth. It also plays some tunes that your child can bounce along to on the spring loaded seat. While this is an awesome gift for any three to five year old child, it isn't for the parent on a tight budget. It sells for over $300.

Another big dinosaur toy to consider is the Monty T-Rex, who is also from Playskool and is considered a pal of Kota. He retails for just under $90, but you can usually find him for close to $50, so he is pretty affordable considering all that he does. He is over 14 inches tall and he weighs about nine pounds. He is made for ages three and up, and is better for older children than Kota is. Monty is interactive and walks, plays music, and will even roar back if you roar at him.

If you want a walking triceratops dinosaur toy, you can get the Playskool Kota and Pals Stompers: Triceratops. This looks a lot like the bigger Kota, and he walks, roars, and moves his head and mouth. Even with all of these features, he still manages to be a cuddly friend and is soft enough to sleep with. Also in the Playskool stompers line is an Ankylosaurus.

Of course there are plenty of affordable large dinosaur toys if you aren't interested in animatronics. You should be able to find what you need for less than $25. Most of them will be plush, but you should also be able to find some of the rubber ones that are best for playing.

Pink Dinosaur Toys

Some girls love pink, but that doesn't mean that everything in their room has to be from the Disney princess collection. There aren't a lot of pink dinosaur toys for sale, but there are some that you should consider. One option is from Ty. He is one of their Pluffies collections and his name is Clomps. Pluffies are made from extra soft fabric and are safe for any age.

Webkinz has a pink dinosaur that has purple spots. As you probably know if you have children, Webkinz are plush animals that come with a code. This code allows kids to go online and play with a virtual version of their new pet.

If neither of these meets your needs, you can always consider a Cassie plush from Dragon Tales. Of course, she is a dragon, not a dinosaur. I know these two are not interchangeable. But if you removed her wings, the plush Cassie could probably pass as a dinosaur. So while it isn't the best option for a girl who is obsessed with dinosaurs, it is a good choice if they like dinosaurs because it is the obsession of their older brother or sister.

Dinosaur Train Toys

One popular set is the dinosaur train toys from Learning Curve. These are affordable toys and there is a large variety available. They are all based on the PBS show from Henson called Dinosaur Train. You can get a set that comes with a couple of different cars. They also sell each dinosaur individually, coupled with a train car. Another option is to get a set of the collectible dinosaur toys. Finally, there are many games based in this series. These include board games, a match game, and go fishing games.

Dinosaur Egg Toys

Dinosaur egg toys are a long time favorite with kids. These range from neon eggs with little dinosaur figurines inside to realistic representations to puzzle eggs. Dinosaur puzzled eggs are pretty cool and are made for children ages three and up. The different ones are the T-Rex, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, and the Scelidosarus. These come in egg form, and then the child figures out how to transform them into their dinosaur form.

Childrens Dinosaur Toys

Childrens dinosaur toys are great because they never go out of fashion. While some of them are based on TV shows, most of them have a wider and longer lasting appeal. This makes them smarter buys than action figures based on characters in television shows. There are also so many different options to buy it is easy for parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles to buy these for kids without having to worry too much about dupes.

If you are buying these as a Christmas gift, you should always shop early. The items you were planning on buying may end up out of stock. This is true both in toy stores and in online stores, but it is a bigger problem if you do all of your shopping offline. Selection may be limited in the stores and the prices are often higher than you can find. It is always good to shop around to get the best deals, but the cheapest prices and biggest selection will usually be found at places such as Amazon. Most online stores offer free shipping, so it isn't hard to get good deals.