Looking for a way to turn your child's room into something imaginative and fun? Check out children's wall stickers. They are a no fuss solution to giving any kid's room a look all its own. The best part is, choosing and applying these wall decals can be a great family bonding experience, too! Read on to discover a couple of excellent choices to help you get started, along with the prices you'll find them for out in the wild. 

Children's Wall Stickers: Personalize Those Playrooms

Dinosaurs Giant Wall Decals(120819)When you were young, didn't walls at times look like giant canvases? Like places where you can express yourself in fun and creative ways? Drawing on the walls with crayons aside, there is a way to channel that excitement and bring walls to life for kids of all ages. And best of all it's safe, fun, and easy to do. The answer? Children's wall stickers.

Wall stickers are otherwise known as wall decals and wall tattoos, but no matter how you name it, they make for great fun for kids. They can bring to life some of their most favorite things and do so in a way that is creative and unique. There are no set patterns with wall stickers. Kids can place them as they'd like on their walls - giving them a form of self expression. It's a bit of visual storytelling that appeals to young one's of all ages.

Dinosaurs Giant Wall Decals
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For the adults, children's wall stickers are a great solution, too. You don't need to deal in messy paints or hard to clean crayon doodles. These stickers are made of vinyl; no adhesives involved. The vinyl almost magically sticks to most any walls by simply pressing it on. And with a little hair dryer heat, they'll peel right off. It makes your life a lot easier.

As your children mature and their styles change, this ease of use comes in really handy. You can swap out wall stickers very easily to fit their current likes, so their spaces are always something that engages them. And the whole process can be a great way to bring you and your kids together for some family time. From the choosing of the stickers to the applying in creative ways, this is a great shared experience that you all will enjoy.

Popular Children's Wall Sticker Styles

Baby Nursery Kid Room Dinosaur Wall Decals

There's a wide variety of wall sticker choices out there for kids. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a popular cartoon character that isn't available as a set of wall stickers. And many other popular icons of childhood, too, have wall decal varieties. Here's a few popular examples to help spur your imagination:


Flat out: boys love dinosaurs. Some girls do, too, but those young boys out there will really go for a few dinosaur wall decals hanging out on the wall. The best thing about these stickers is that there are varieties that are playful and fun for the toddlers out there and more Jurassic Park-like dinosaur stickers for the older kids. These stickers can grow up with them.

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Disney characters

As mentioned, there's a ton of cartoon wall decals out there, and Disney wall stickers are some of the most popular. There's something in their catalog for everyone, whether boy or girl. Girls will adore the princesses and Tinkerbell decals, while boys will enjoy the Cars stickers and decals from many of the Pixar movies.


Flower wall stickers are a great choice for girls. Imagine making an entire floral scene on the wall. They really spark the imagination as you can dream up some pretty otherworldly and beautiful arrangements that run across a room.

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Best Creation 3d Butterfly Wall Decor Stickers(120812)Butterflies

Butterfly wall stickers are a great choice for young girls, too, and they can be some of the most creative. You can build entire wall-scapes of butterflies, and when you pair these with some flower wall decals, you've got something really special. There's the potential for you or your kids to create some real unique designs through mixing and matching. 

MonkeysRoomMates RMK1676SCS Morrow Monkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals

A fan favorite for boys and girls alike, monkey wall decals have an appeal that lasts a lifetime. Adults often fall under the charm of them, and this mass appeal makes them great choices for nurseries. Kids of all ages, too, can appreciate creating jungle scenes around their rooms.

Dr. Seuss quotes

These are a real popular choice for both playroom and bedroom. Wall art quotes come in a lot of varieties, but Dr. Seuss quotes are really the most popular with the younger set. It's a constant reminder of some of their most favorite moments in these classic books.

Dr. Seuss Wall Art Quote

Children's Wall Sticker Prices

These wall decorations are really not pricy for what you get. There are many wall sticker sets that fall in the $5 to $20 range. Sets featuring larger pieces can go higher, some up to $50. When you compare these prices against the cost of paints and the value of your time, it's a real steal.

When it comes down to it, children's wall stickers are something the entire family can enjoy. For the kids, they inspire their imaginations and engage them with their surroundings, and for adults they can create fun family time and save many a decorating headache. How many children's room decorations can you say do all that?