Naughty boy chilli

This is sexciting, er... I mean exciting!

Ever seen a chilli shaped like this? Take a look at the photos below. These are not freak chillies. They are real chillies. Real red hot peter pepper. They can grow up to 18 inches long; maybe a bit exaggerated! Let's say the average size is 4 inches with 1 inch girth. The scientific name is capsicum annuum. Let's just call it Peter Pepper.

Its origin is not known but it is grown in Louisiana and Texas, surprisingly. I thought chilies should be from Asia and South America. With that type of looks, it's no surprise that it has a million and one names. Chilli Willy Pepper, and the more direct name, Penis Chilli or Penis Pepper. I like to call it the "Naughty Boy Chilli."

This article is not about the benefits of chillies, or about chilli recipes.  Talking about chilli recipes, actually you use chilli as a spicy cooking condiment rather than as a main dish.  Chillies are used to spice up food rather than to eat them whole.  The main use of chillies is for curry-based dishes.  Chillies are definitely indispensable in most Asian foods.  In countries like India, Myanmar, Thailand and all the South-east Asian countries, chillies are one of the main ingredients for food preparations, from the humble street foods to royal cuisines. 

The naughty boy chillies

Peter pepper(132314)

Red Peter Pepper

Peter pepper(132311)

Are these naughty boy chillies edible

Apparently the naughty shape of these chillies was the result of painstaking and time-consuming "selective propagating" process. These chillies are very hot with a very high Scoville rating.  If you are into hot stuff, they are actually edible. And you have a choice, green, yellow or red. Green when it's young, and red when it's ripe. You can get the yellow ones too, I guess when it is in between ripening, or is it another variety? And don't worry, they don't have seeds to sow. Apparently, seeds are very difficult to come by in these chillies, so there is no need to take precautions! And you won't be prosecuted even by licking it, let alone consumate..oops, I mean consume it. It's perfectly legal what you want to do with them.  Can only be eaten, and nothing else. Don't you even think of it!

Wait till the Asians get their hands to these naughty chillies!  The latest I heard the seeds are now exported to Asian countries, including South Korea.


The yellow variety

Peter pepper(132315)

Yellow Peter Pepper

Yellow Peter Pepper

Green Peter Pepper

Green Peter Pepper