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It's funny how watching Hulu outside the USA can mean so much to someone. I know, it sounds like an advertisement. "Oh, How Hulu saved my life!" But really, my story is quite unique, and for me, what it means to be able to watch Hulu outside the USA is more than just needing an American TV fix.

I've been travelling for about ten years now.  I'm not always on the go, but I rarely stay in one place for more than a year or two, and then I move on.  I'm intrigued by different cultures, different ways of life, different people, and I just want to see everything!  Perhaps back in the beginning, I was so happy and excited to be "on the run" and get out and see the world. Now, part of it is just habit.

One of the negative aspects I've run into regarding travelling around the world, is that you're always on someone else's playing field. You're always in someone else's home.  In unfamiliar surroundings, you can learn and get used to it, but as soon as you switch, you've got to start all over again.  That's part of the fun, but it's also part of the frustration.

That's where watching Hulu outside of the USA comes in.  A lot of American's rag on Mc Donald's, Startbucks, and the stupid TV that everyone watches all the time. But for an American abroad, these things can provide an anchor.  They provide a home base, where I know what's going on.  When I'm in China, and I just can't take another day of rice, dumplings, and chopsticks, I go to Mc Donald's. I know what  Big Mac is going to look like, what it's going to taste like, and I know it's going to come with coke and fries.

The same things happens when I watch Hulu abroad.  So much of the culture (TV included) is lost on me because I don't speak the languages (or do so very badly).  So after a day of work, when I want to come home, chill out, and let my problems roll off my back with a bit of mind numbing entertainment, I don't want to turn on Korean soap operas.  I want Family Guy. I want Lost. I want Twenty Four and I don't want to wait for it to download.

So for me, to be able to watch Hulu outside of the USA provides me with piece of mind and keeps me sane.