Chin hair is the last thing women want to see. Many don't deal with it until menopause, and yet others have it right from puberty. But how do you get rid of it? There are a number of ways to deal with it, some depend on your tolerance to pain and others depend on the size of your wallet!

Below are a few ways to deal with it. Women all have their own ways to deal with it, but just in case you would like to try something different, here are a few tips to get rid of unwanted chin stubble.


This is the most expensive, as this has to be done by a professional.  It removed by placing a tiny electrode into the shaft of each hair, and this little charge kills it. Women with only a few will benefit from this procedure as it is for the most part permanent, and could probably be dealt with in an hour or so.

But if there is a thick growth, then this will take too long and will be very expensive as they usually charge by the hour.


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Laser Hair Removal

This is not always permanent, but is much quicker and lasts a long time. If there are a lot of chin hairs then women who use this procedure do well. There is an issue of skin pigmentation that you have to find out about. Depending on the color of your skin, will affect the success or failure of this procedure. This too, costs money, and must be done by a professional, but is a quicker process.

Tweezer (plucking chin hairs)

The old standby for plucking them. This works well if you have a good magnifying glass and can get at the root of them. Women with lots of them, may find this tedious and give up. This is a good system if you only have a small patch.


There are many waxing kits on the market that you can do at home, or many beauty parlors offer this service as well. If you are squeamish about doing it yourself, or can't tolerate pain, then this might not be for you, as you are basically ripping it off your chin. Waxing, only really works if there is hair to get. So the downfall to this method, is you have to let it grow in between treatments. It doesn't seem to do well with fine tiny hairs.

Sometimes with waxing, women will still have to pluck ones that were stubborn and managed to remain after the waxing.


If you there are a lot of them, this may be your only option, of course the downfall to this, is you will need to do it everyday, as you are just slicing it at the surface. This is the quickest, easiest and cheapest, but requires you to do it more often.


If there are many sprouting, then you should see your doctor, to make sure there are no underlying medical causes to this chin hair such as hormonal imbalances etc. Once you have been cleared by your Doctor, then you can make an informed choice depending on how much you have, and how big your wallet is!

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