Having chin augmentation probably won't be covered on your insurance plan. Chin augmentation costs quite a bit of money. Before we discuss the chin augmentation cost of surgery, let's briefly talk about what chin augmentation and if it's even needed. Chin augmentation is also known as chin implants. Chin augmentation surgery is meant to restructure your chin. It's suppose to be a simple procedure, but it can be an extremely painful and risky one as well.

There can be numerous of reasons why one needs chin implants. It can be for cosmetic reasons, which is usually the case. One might be trying to get rid of a double chin appearance, and require reshaping of their chin for stronger support. A weaker chin might require chin implants or bone grafting. A person might have experienced facial trauma and requires chin augmentation. Chin augmentation can help balance the rest of the physical features of your face if the procedure is done successfully. A weaken chin make your nose look bigger, and develop a double chin without being overweight. There are pros and cons to getting chin augmentation. One of the cons is how much chin augmentation costs. Also the risks and side effects can be another con in getting chin augmentation surgery.

Is chin augmentation surgery for me and how is chin augmentation done?

Before you worry about the chin augmentation costs, you might not even need chin augmentation surgery. If you've been in an accident, or have received facial injuries, then chin implants might be medically required to support the rest of your facial structure. Chin augmentation is for those who have a very small, or weak chins, which is known as microgenia. As we get older some people might experience a weaken chin. A smaller and weaken chin might cause depression in one's appearance. A cosmetic surgeon or even your local doctor might be able to tell if you're a candidate for chin augmentation surgery.

Chin augmentation surgery is a pretty simple procedure that takes about an hour or two. A patient is under anesthesia during surgery. Chin implant materials used are silicone, just like breast implants. There are different incision options and surgeries available. One procedure an incision is used orally from the mouth, under the lower lip in your mouth. There's supposed to be no chance of visible scarring made with this incision. Those with poor oral hygiene might be prone to infections though after the procedure. You'll likely be prescribed with special oral anti-bacterial toothpastes or mouthwashes. Then there's a procedure known as genioplasty where the part of the bone in the chin is trimmed, or sawed off, then realigned and secured together with metal plates and screws. No implants needed, and different from chin augmentation. It's more of a difficult procedure to perform, but its suppose to have less long-term risks. Both procedures are risky and you should consult with your doctor on which method is best.

Patients must be physically healthy and not suffer from any diseases when receiving chin augmentation. There are also some serious side effects that can come from chin augmentation and other chin surgeries. Not only can you be in severe pain, but you might receive bone infections from the procedure. If the infection becomes bad enough, sometimes the implants must be removed and you'll have to do the entire procedure over again.

Chin augmentation costs

According to cosmeticsurgery.com, fat grafting can cost between $500 to $4,000. According to chinagumentation.com, Injectables can cost between $500 - $ $3,000, implants $2,400-$7,500, and genioplasty $2,500 - $8,000. This should give you an idea of the chin augmentation costs for implants and other similar procedures, but they're not exact figures. Chin augmentation costs will vary with each surgeon. The implants are one of the more expensive procedures used and there are definitely risk factors involved just like any surgical procedure. However a good cosmetics surgeon and procedure will come with few complications and side effects. The risk factors aren't suppose to be high, but nothing is a given. That's why you want the very best surgeon possible.

These prices might not include medical cost fees like medications, lab tests, or X-rays that might be needed as well. Are the chin augmentation costs really worth it? That's a hard question to answer. There's been bad cases of chin augmentation surgery, where infection, bruising, pain, and even a poor surgical procedure doesn't give the patient the results they were hoping. Side effects and results might be different with each person and surgeon used. Know there is risk involved. Not just because of the high chin augmentation costs, but the possible side effects, scarring, and infection that you might develop. This is your face and health too. That's the biggest risk involved.

How to choose the best augmentation surgeon

Do research and lots of it. Go online and search some of the different chin augmentation sites and read up on as much information as possible. Get an idea of what to expect and what procedure you might need. Talk to friends and family about this. Ask for references from numerous cosmetic surgeons. Talk to multiple of surgeons and do research on their clinic and plastic surgeons. You obviously want the best cosmetic surgeon who is highly skilled and referable at their craft.

Also before you think about augmentation surgery you should try some chin exercises. Chin ups for example might help strengthen your chin. There are other options out there to consider first before chin implants. There are various of exercises that can help improve your physical appearance, and chin augmentation might not be required.