China ATV certificates of origin for sale are not really very easy to find.  I am passionate about four wheeling and have purchase three off brand quads for my kids.  I can tell you that you CAN still register them in most states even if you don’t have the MCO or MSO (manufacture’s certificate or statement or origin),or C of O, but it may be a little bit harder to do, especially when you buy used.  In this article, I’ll go over what you need to do to find an MCO or MSO and what you can do to title or register your quad without one.  Keep in mind that this can vary by state, so there’s no guarantee it will work where you live, but you will have a really good shot.  Here’s how to get a China atv statement of origin for sale, or at least get your four wheeler registered if you cannot get one, so you can show proof of ownership.


Getting a Replacement MCO

You will not be able to simply to an ATV site and buy an MCO, unless it’s a fake document for sale.  Avoid buying a fake or it could come back to haunt you down the road.  Contact the original dealer, if you can, to get the MSO if you didn’t get one with your purchase.  This title will usually be needed when you register your four wheeler.

You can get a replacement certificate of origin for an ATV through the manufacturer (sometimes).  Since many quad manufacturers actually have their units made in multiple plants, you will need to provide some information in hopes of getting the replacement MSO.

  • Year, Make, Model:  Make sure you give them accurate information.
  • Vehicle Identification Number:  The VIN will be needed to have any chance of getting a replacement title for your all-terrain vehicle.
  • Dealer Paperwork:  If you have it, you could find that it comes in handy.

This represents your only real hopes of replacing the documents you need.  Now, this doesn’t mean you are totally out of luck when you go to register your quad.   Getting a replacement certificate of origin for a China made ATV could be difficult due to language barriers.  The good news is that, believe it or not, some Chinese four wheelers are actually assembled in the USA. 

If you do get lucky enough to have one assembled in the states, you can call the plant where it was made.  You can generally find out where it was made if you give the VIN to the manufacturer.  If you aren’t so lucky, you can contact some of the major sellers of China ATV’s and four wheelers, like Raceway or ATV4Kids.  They may be able to help you out.


Bill Of Sale

When you buy any ATV, including those made in China, you want to get a certificate of origin or a title for it.   You can check out a printable bill of sale form free of charge, which will come in quite handy down the road when you look to register your quad, if you don’t get a C of O.   Before you make your purchase, you really need to get the bill of sale as a minimum for your own protection.  In some states, including Wisconsin, you will be able to use this in lieu of an MCO.  This is good news when proof of ownership is needed for registration.  A bill of sale is sufficient proof of ownership in many states and will serve as a certificate of origin substitute, so you can register your quad and ride the trails.


Sworn Statement of Ownership

The name will vary by state, but many will simply allow you to fill out a form, affirming it is truthful, and still be able to register the four wheeler and sometimes get a replacement title for an ATV made in China.  This will serve the same basic purpose as finding a certificate of origin for sale, since you will be able to register the quad and ride it on the trails legally, without worry.

While this may seem like an easy way for a thief to register a stolen four wheeler, it’s not nearly as easy as you may think.  Since a VIN is needed, and often must be verified in person by a DNR (or equivalent) employee, you can see how easy it would be to verify if a quad was stolen.  The statement of ownership is then used for registration and can be given to the new owner when you sell yours, so the process of registration is easier for them.  This will likely make it easier to put your China ATV up for sale and get it sold, since buyers will not have to worry as much about the legal aspects.


Online Registration

In some states you can register online.  This means that even if you cannot get a replacement certificate of origin for sale, you can still register the vehicle.  Some states, especially when you buy new, will only require you to verify what dealer you purchased the quad from.  This is good news, since riding the trails and registration is what most people want to do.

If you buy used, you could have a little harder time, but some states will still allow you to register online and pay sales tax at the same time.  It seems that some states are more interested in the registration income than making sure a four wheeler isn’t stolen.


Additional Information

When you buy a used all-terrain vehicle, you need to make sure you protect yourself.  Get the MCO from the seller if they have it, or be sure to get a bill of sale, so you can show proof of ownership when you go to register the unit.  In addition, especially if you aren’t getting an MSO, be sure you call your local police department or sheriff office to have the run the VIN and check for stolen status.  Proper protection from the start will ensure you don’t need to search for a China ATV certificate of origin for sale.