China Spycam Pen Video Camera


- 4gb of internal memory means you will never run out of recording space
- Convenient recharging using AC adapter (supplied) or direct USB charging
- Light and compact, easy to conceal - Also a fully working pen!


- Video quality can be affected if moving quickly or suddenly (like running away from your target!)

Full Review

China is known for its innovative and technologically amazing products - and the MP9 spycam video recording pen is no exception! This tiny device is a pen which, at the push of a button, records almost-TV quality video and audio and saves it onto its 4gb, USB driven, internal drive.

The video is crisp and relatively clear (as clear as can be expected from a pen of this size!) and the audio can be recorded from someone who is standing a long distance away (up to at least 5 meters). But the really amazing feature is...

It is a spy camera! Because the camera is built into the barrel of the pen, the opening is extremely small - so small that it is not actually visible to the naked eye! The only way to tell that video is being recorded onto the 4gb internal memory is a small blue light on the back of the unit, which can be mistaken for a ray of sunlight indoors (and it invisible out of doors).

What about recharging the device? Does it need batteries? Absolutely not! It runs on a rechargeable internal battery and the length of time is quite long (although the internal memory will last longer than one battery charge). You can recharge the spycam mp9 video camera in two ways - firstly, by using the mains electricity plug which comes with the unit, or two by plugging the USB stick directly into your computer!

After you have charged your spycam, you can conceal it neatly in your top pocket (if you wear a formal suit this is ideal) and the camera pokes easily out above the handy pen clip which is attached. The microphone is on the top of the pen to make sure that the sound is not muffled or hindered in any way.

Finally, the pen is actually a pen! It writes beautifully, although I'm not sure that it is refillable with new ink after you use it up, so use it sparingly!

In Closing

To sum up, I can't recommend the MP9 spycam video recorder highly enough. It has all the cool-factor for a Christmas gift or stocking filler, and the technological backup to appeal to a true geek or nerd. You won't be disappointed! Buy a China MP9 spycam video pen today!