Chinchilla cages are not just your normal cages. These are especially built for a chinchilla – a small mammal that belongs to a family of Chinchillidae and is a rodent. They are just about the size of small rabbit but females are usually bigger than males. Since chinchillas have a habit of chewing things, their cages should be made of materials that they won't be able to chew like steel, because if not, they will chew their way out. Also note that the cage should not be painted or coated with plastic because they will consume the coating. They are nocturnal animals so they spend most of their time sleeping during the day but they love running around and playing. Since they spend most of their time in the cage you can provide them something to keep themselves busy with like a piece of cardboard. Aside from keeping them entertained, chewing the cardboard will also help in keeping their teeth filed down.

Cheap chinchilla cages for sale can be found in many pet stores like PetSmart or Petco. The prices of course may vary depending on the size and quality of the cage. New owners usually buy a smaller cage but eventually replace it a bigger one after some time. So to save effort and money, choose the cage that not only fits your present situation but will still be able to fit in the future. In short, choose the cage that will give you long term satisfaction. It is even advisable to choose the largest chinchilla cage possible for your pet. Chinchillas love to climb and jump and large chinchilla cages provide the room to do these things. You also need to take into consideration whether or not you'll be adding another chinchilla anytime soon before buying the cage.

Chinchillas cannot be and should not be cleaned with water, instead use sand. Cages for chinchillas should never have a water dish, but rather, make sure that the cage comes with a water bottle. This is to avoid you pet from getting wet. Also make sure the bottle does not leak because if chinchillas get wet, their fur will start to mold and may lead to a more serious problem. If you can't find a cage with a built-in water bottle, you might want to consider buying one instead. It is also a plus if the cage does not have any weak openings for your pet to escape. Another great feature for your cage is a pull out tray. This will let you change the bedding easier and faster to avoid awful smells from their urine. Lastly, your cage should have wheels so that you can move it anywhere you like without you lifting it.

But if in case you will not be able to find the perfect cage for your pet, you can create your own customized cage. Building a cage for your chinchilla would be the best option available if you think that cages available for sale does not meet you standards. Custom chinchilla cages can are relatively easy to build. Besides, you know your pet better than anyone so you will be able to create a cage that caters all the needs of your pet. You know what's best for your pet.