If you own one of these cute little critters, I hope that you plan on looking for the best chinchilla cages for sale whether they're cheap, used, wooden, big or small. You may have seen some nice enclosures in pet stores, but chances are you have missed out on some better models. For those who are beginners at buying chinchilla cages for sale, this article should help you get started. Here we will take a look at some of the most celebrated enclosures available and discuss what makes them so great. Additionally, you will find out how and where to buy cheap chinchilla cages for sale. Consider this a buyer's guide for those who are new to this shopping experience.
Chinchilla Cages for Sale

Big Chinchilla Cages for Sale

Give your pet a luxurious and comfortable home to live in by getting him a big enclosure. Wouldn't you want something spacious to spend your days in? Big chinchilla cages are nice because they allow for your pet to enjoy life more, and also gives you plenty of room for implementing add-ons and foliage to make the habitat more realistic and appealing. Here are five of the most popular big enclosures to look for:
  • Clean Living Big 6-Level Habitat
  • Prevue Hendrix Large Habitat
  • Exotic Nutrition 2-Level Small Animal Habitat (Big)
  • 3-Story Model 413
  • Prevue Model 495

Wooden Chinchilla Cages for Sale


Getting a wooden habitat for your pet benefits both of you. For him, it provides a more natural environment and a pleasant smell that any animal would prefer over plastic. Wooden chinchilla cages are also nice for the owner because of how attractive they are compared to metal or plastic wire enclosures. They don't really sell wooden enclosures specifically for these kinds of animals, but you can easily use a wooden rabbit hutch for the same purpose. Here are some popular models that can be used as wooden chinchilla cages:
  • Super Pet Premium Hutch
  • Super Pet Premium Hexagon Hutch
  • Ware Mfg. Hutch

Used Chinchilla Cages for Sale

Looking for a used enclosure? Well, you can bet there are plenty of people out there looking to sell their used chinchilla cages. You can sit around and wait for one to pop up in the newspaper, or you could go online to any one of several websites that have used products and have it shipped right to your door. Check out these reputable sites to get started:
  • eBay.com
  • yakaz.com
  • craigslist.org
  • amazon.com
If you're going to purchase a used habitat, just remember to pay close attention to the condition it's in first. All of the above sites are very reputable, however, there are always a few sellers to ruin it all. Only buy from sellers with positive feedback, and stay away from listings with very little information posted. Used chinchilla cages for sale should also be thoroughly inspected and cleaned before being used.

Cheap Chinchilla Cages for Sale

For this section, we'll take a look at some quality, cheap enclosures for your little pet.

Cheap Enclosure #1 - Super Pet My First Home Complete Kit
  • Easy snap-together assembly. No tools required.
  • Plenty of great features such as ramps and loft areas, a wooden ledge, bedding, a water bottle and a food dish.
  • Also includes food and treats.
  • Chew-proof wire
  • 18" by 30" by 29" dimensions
  • $80 from PETCO.com
Cheap Enclosure #2 - Ware Mfg. Wire Chinchilla Cages with Drop Pan
  • Roomy two-story habitat with two ladders
  • Black wire with purple plastic drop pan and platforms
  • 30" by 14" by 30" dimensions
  • $75 from Petsmart.com
Cheap Enclosure #3 - Prevue Pet Products Two-Story Model 417
  • Easy clean-up with a 5-inch-deep snap-off base and drop-down wire mesh to provide a temporary base while you clean, allowing for your pet to remain in his home.
  • Front opening door, ramp, and platform included.
  • 24" by 17" by 20" dimensions
  • $70 from CheapPetProducts.net
There you have it! Now you should have enough information to get you on your way to buying the best chinchilla cages for sale possible. It doesn't matter what kind you want--cheap, used, wooden, or big--the internet is definitely the most efficient way to shop for them.