Chinese ladies are some of the most beautiful ladies on the planet. If you want to find a Chinese wife or girlfriend then the Internet allows you all kinds of different ways to meet here. Here are some tips on meeting the Chinese beauty of your dreams.

Chinese Dating Sites

There are thousands of Chinese ladies on the many online Asian dating sites available online. Sites range from basic free Asian dating sites like DateInAsia, to sophisticated subscription sites such as Chinese Love Links. Most sites have email and chat facilities so that you can make contact with thousands of Chinese beauties who might catch your eye.

Remember that many Chinese ladies use airbrushed photos on their personals profiles, so always ask to see natural looking photos of her if you decide you want to take things further. Many Chinese ladies do look better in real life than their studio shots imply, so don't worry too much!

When using a dating site always be on the lookout for scammers. Chinese single ladies aren't as high risk as Thai or Filipino ladies when it comes to the chance of being scammed, but increasing numbers of Chinese ladies are up to no good on dating sites, so be careful all the same. Many Chinese ladies belong to Chinese marriage agencies who sometimes use underhand tactics in order to maximise their profits.

To impress your Chinese beauty, it's a good idea to learn a bit of basic Mandarin. It's easier than you might think, and you should be able to find a teacher or classes in your local area.

It's also worth being wary of Chinese dating sites like Chnlove that charge you every time you send or receive an email from a lady. Costs can quickly escalate, so if you're at all serious about finding love in China then a flat rate site like Chinese Love Links or Cherry Blossoms can be a much more affordable way to meet a beautiful Chinese lady online.

Escorted Tours - Meet Chinese Beauties in Person

Is online dating a waste of time? I'm talking from experience here. You can spend months talking to a girl online, but when you meet her for the first time in real life then you can realise that there's really no chemistry between you two at all. If you also think online dating is a waste of time, or you're the sort of guy who really enjoys chatting to women in person, then how about an escorted tour? A range of companies offer escorted tours of China. There you'll be introduced to dozens of beautiful Chinese ladies looking for Western husbands. To get the most enjoyment out of these trips, it's best to treat them as a bit of fun and a chance to meet interesting people in an exotic country. Don't automatically assume you'll find a beautiful Chinese bride on the trip. If you don't expect too much, then you'll be overjoyed if you do manage to meet somebody you like.

Alternatives are to try speed dating or a social event which will be attended by Chinese ladies. These are much easier to attend if you're actually living in China or a city with a large Chinese population.

Alternatives to Dating Chinese Beauties

There are many options for finding beautiful oriental brides. Japan and South Korea are full of beautiful women. There are also other countries where increasing numbers of foreign men are choosing to find beautiful brides. Indonesia is an increasingly popular choice. Many Indonesian women follow the Muslim faith, so it is a popular destination for Middle Eastern and Indian men who like the idea of finding an exotic Asian bride who also follows their religious beliefs.

Don't forget countries that have large Chinese populations as well. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore are good places to find beautiful ladies of Chinese descent. Since these countries have good economies, the ladies from these countries are far more likely to be marrying for love rather than for economic reasons.

So these are a few options for meeting Chinese beauties online. A multicultural marriage can be very rewarding, so take a look at some Chinese dating sites and see if you can find your dream Chinese lady online.