People are now fond of having some tattoos inked on their body. Tattoos are becoming more and more popular today that's why getting a design is the hardest part of the process. Of course, you don't want to have a tattoo that is already used by other people. There are a lot of designs available but still finding the best one is hard. One of the most popular designs is the Chinese dragon tattoo design. Many people want to have this dragon inked on their body because of the elegance and complexity of the designs. Chinese dragon can be very simple but it can also be very complex depending on the wearer.

A Chinese dragon tattoo design has many meanings. A dragon is worshiped in China because of its benevolence, good will, and intelligence. This creature is sacred in this country unlike the Western version of the dragon which is perceived to be violent and bloodthirsty. A Chinese dragon is known for its wisdom, mystery, and strength. People also see a Chinese dragon as loyal and courageous. A Chinese dragon also represents the four elements in Chinese culture which are water, sky, earth, and underworld.

As a tattoo design, a Chinese dragon can attract attention because of its uniqueness and style. Most of the time, Chinese dragon designs are inked in black with a touch of red and yellow. These colors represent the Chinese culture. There can be endless Chinese dragon designs because tattoo artists can combine this design with almost anything. This is the reason why many artists are fond of inking Chinese dragons. Since the design is very flexible, both men and women can wear this tattoo with their own personality added to the design.

If you are considering in having a Chinese dragon tattoo design, there are different kinds of Chinese dragon that you can choose from. The horned dragon is considered to be the mightiest among the others and a celestial dragon is assigned to protect the gods and heavens. Earth dragon is the ruler on earth while the spiritual dragon can control the wind and rain. The treasure dragon keeps the precious gems and stones safe. There is also a winged dragon, coiling dragon, and yellow dragon.