Sealed with a Kiss

Qian Shan Mu XueCredit: Shan Mu Xue, or Sealed with a Kiss, is a story about love and revenge and has nothing to do with the popular 1960's song. The drama is based on a novel and stars Hawick Lau and Ying Er. I was immediately pulled into the drama because I really liked the delivery of the story. There are some solid performances here, and I got blown away by Hawick Lau's performance. I started to become a loyal fan of Hawick after watching this drama. His Shao Qian is one of his most notable roles to date. The cast is perfect, and the soundtrack does a great job in stirring more emotions in my already very fragile heart.

Sealed with a Kiss might not be for everyone though. The theme might be somewhat unacceptable in some cultures. Shao Qian avenges his father by manipulating and turning Tong Xue, the daughter of his enemy, into his mistress to make her life miserable. The drama somehow makes it look "acceptable" to mistreat someone innocent just because she is an enemy's family. While I don't live in China, I can safely assume that paying for one's parent's wrongdoings is quite prevalent in Chinese culture, as seen in most dramas. That said, if you watch till the very end, you will know that it does not preach about how one should avenge a loved one. It clearly shows that revenge is pretty pointless, and letting go of hatred is a good thing, especially if it will cost you the things that really matter to you.

I have watched dozens of dramas, and this one has definitely left an impression. Many Chinese dramas love to "spoon-feed" viewers. All the characters thoughts are clearly shown. We always hear everyone's thoughts, leaving almost nothing for viewers to ponder about. I find the nonverbal department in most Chinese dramas somewhat lacking too. In this drama, however, I like how it uses symbolism (more on this later). Some parts of the story is open for interpretation. This is something I can watch again and again and would still pick up new details that I have missed in the past.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers.

  • Year: 2011
  • Genre: family, romance
  • Duration: 30 episodes, 46 minutes each


Shao Qian is a rich and handsome man, but he is living a miserable life. He is married to the woman he despises. His once successful company is appropriated by his father-in-law after his father's death. Shao Qian is determined to get back what he has lost. 

Meanwhile, he meets Tong Xue, a kind-hearted girl who reminds him of his own father. He develops feelings for her, but he finds out that she is the daughter of the man who betrayed his father. He schemes to get her to become his mistress and is determined to torture her. A couple of years have passed, and he finds himself already deeply in love with the woman he's supposed to hate.

His real feelings are not known to Tong Xue. Everyday, she dreams of finally leaving his clutches, and if it's not too much to ask for, she wishes to go back to her first love. Even so, she has complicated feelings for Shao Qian, and she cannot bring herself to completely turn away from him.


Hawick Lau as Shao Qian

Shao Qian is the capable son-in-law of business Tycoon Mu Chang He. In his younger years, his father's company went bankrupt, which led to his father's untimely death. Mu Change He appropriated his father's company. Shao Qian is then forced to marry Mu's daughter and is now the manager of the company. With a couple of employees who remain loyal to his family, Shao Qian plots to get back what he has lost to avenge his father. 

He happens to bump into Tong Xue, a pretty girl who works at a cafe. He is immediately smitten with her, but later, he learns that she is the daughter of a former employee who betrayed his late father. Since her father has already died from an accident, he turns his anger to her. He is determined to make her life a living hell. He makes her his mistress and hides her in a mansion in another city. However, he realizes that he cannot hate her as he is deeply falling for her.

Ying Er as Tong Xue

Tong Xue is the mistress of Shao Qian, but she is not a typical mistress. She is kind, naive, and doesn't like luxuries despite having a very rich boyfriend. She knows nothing about Shao Qian's family nor his past. She simply knows that he is already a married man, which fills her with guilt. 

She works as an interior designer and dreams of designing a home for her parents, who, unfortunately, had both died in a car accident. While still a student, she starts working at a cafe where she meets Shao Qian. One thing led to another and Shao Qian blackmails her to become his mistress. Her life becomes miserable, and she feels like a prisoner. The only comfort she has is her work and her memories of her first love. She is afraid of Shao Qian and wishes to save enough money so she could run away from him. But, she deeply cares for him even if she herself is not aware of it.

Wen Zheng Rong as Mu Yong Fei

Mu Yong Fei is the wife of Shao Qian. She is very clever like her father, Mu Chang He. However, her father is old-fashioned and doesn't allow women to meddle in men's businesses. She is spoiled and has a very bad temper. She is in love with her husband, but her feelings are not reciprocated. Yong Fei and Shao Qian have been living apart for years. When she learns about Tong Xue, she is livid and wants to destroy her at all costs.

Zhao Chu Lun as Mu Zhen Fei

Mu Zhen Fei is Yong Fei's younger brother. He is the heir to the Mu's businesses, but to his father's dismay, he is not interested in the complicated world of business. He likes to keep his life simple. He encounters Tong Xue, and is immediately attracted by her innocence. When he learns that she is in fact his brother-in-law's mistress, he is angry and dismayed. He soon becomes the first person to learn about the real story behind their complicated relationship, and he is determined to help her.

Kevin Li as Siao Shan

Siao Shan is Tong Xue's first love. They met shortly after Tong Xue lost her parents in a car accident. Siao Shan cheered her up by making origami cranes for her. The two became a couple but had broken up after a silly argument. Siao Shan hasn't forgotten about her over the years.

Jiang Yun as Liu Xue Hua

Liu Xue Hua is Shao Qian's mother. She is divorced and has lived in Germany after her ex-husband's death. She is the only person with whom Shao Qian shows his real self. She knows about her son's feelings for Tong Xue and encourages him to let go of his hatred.

Unlike Shao Qian, she is an optimistic and a happy person. She loves to play video games and is always seen playing with her Sony PSP.

Jang Chen Guang as Mu Chang He

Mu Chang He is a business tycoon and the father of Yong Fei and Zhen Fei. He appropriated the company of Shao Qian's father and used his daughter to control him. He admires Shao Qian although he never truly trusts him.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions by the viewers. To set the record straight, I am not in any way affiliated with the creator of the book nor the drama, so I do not really know the right answer to every question. Most of the answers here are merely based on theories formulated by fans.

Is Shao Qian that violent in the novel?

I haven't read the book, but based on my research, he is not as violent in the novel.

What is the significance of the paper crane to the story?

The paper crane symbolizes love. Tong Xue folds hundreds of colored cranes for Siao Shan in the beginning of the series. She still hasn't gotten over with her first love during that period. In the bathtub scene, she sees Shao Qian folding paper cranes and wonders who he's making them for. She doesn't know that those are actually for her. In the last episode, Tong Xue leaves a white crane by the window sill. It was mentioned that Shao Qian loves the color white, so it means that Tong Xue has made it specially for him (and not for Siao Shan). and that she has already given her heart to him. Shao Qian seems to understand and cries when he sees the white crane.

When did Tong Xue fall in love with Shao Qian?

It is unclear when she has fallen for Shao Qian. However, there are some clues suggesting that she has already loved him long before she realizes it. Like in the graveyard scene, when she is conflicted over something, of all the people she could think of, she thinks of Shao Qian and imagines what he would advise her.

Did Tong Xue know that the house belongs to Shao Qian?

Some fans have contradicting opinions here, but I believe she knows. She uses the house to confess her feelings for Shao Qian. She puts her heart and soul into decorating it. She adds some red roses to signify love, and even leaves her personal things - something that would seem strange if it is some stranger's home. The painting of herself and Shao Qian (and his dog) and the white paper crane are clearly her declaration of love to him. Before she leaves for Germany, she takes one last look at the house, which I think would not make sense if she doesn't already know.

If so, when did she find out that it was Shao Qian's house?

Again, it is not clear when. It is possible that she figures that out after seeing him clutching his cellphone right after her email to "Professor Chen," the supposedly owner of the said house. He quickly pockets his phone when he sees her.

Why did Tong Xue thinks of Siao Shan before kissing Shao Qian back?

Spending time with Shao Qian at the beach reminds her of the good times she had with Siao Shan in her younger years. Shao Qian gives her that same feeling of happiness, and this is when she realizes that she loves him, that's why she kisses him back.

In the bathtub scene, why did Shao Qian bite Tong Xue's lip?

He is frustrated that Tong Xue is willing to sacrifice herself for her friend. At the same time, he is angry over her weakness and passiveness.

How did Shao Qian's father die?

It is not mentioned in the series, but some sources say that he committed suicide.

Did Tong Xue have Stockholm Syndrome?

Although Tong Xue hasn't been kidnapped per se, she is manipulated into living with Shao Qian, turning herself into an emotional prisoner. In some cultures, people might say yes. However, it is interesting to note that after reading different Chinese forums, not one person mentioned about her having Stockholm Syndrome.

Where can I watch Sealed with a Kiss?

If you can understand Chinese, you can watch it on Letv app (available on both IOS and Android). Otherwise, you can watch the series with English subtitle on Youtube.


A Thousand Mountains by Hawick Lau

Fallen Snow by Ying Er

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