Feng Shui Basics

Chinese Feng Shui is exciting and Mysterious. The philosophy is simple: “Live in harmony with the elements of nature”. Feng Shui is about good energy flow. It applies to your health, work, and relationships. 

Many people are using feng shui to improve their personal life and business. Applying Feng Shui helps keep the energy flowing positive, which in return gives positive results, positive atmosphere, and positive feelings. It is simply about feeling good and prospering in your life.

 Table water fountainFeng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway) originated in ancient China. You can easily implement it in practical and modern ways in your daily life. The ideas presented here are universal and apply to a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. Because feng shui is not a religion, it does not interfere with spiritual beliefs.

Feng Shui is not difficult to understand or hard to practice but there is a lot to learn and can be complex. The good news is that you can begin the process by something as simple as moving a plant from one corner to another.

Once you understand the feng shui basics you will see that feng shui adapts a sensible approach towards your relationship with the environment and your personal life. Feng Shui simply put, is working with energy and allowing the energy to flow freely which energy is meant to do. If energy cannot flow freely or is trapped, then the energy becomes stale and stagnate, creating a negative.

What Feng Shui can do for you?
When your surroundings are properly balanced, the energy can tap into the positive energy lines of the earth. You will activate the invisible but powerful energies of the environment to work strongly in your favor, bringing you good fortune and protecting you against ill luck, bad health, and lost opportunities.

 Once you start to practice feng shui, you should be able to notice the difference or the shift in energy. However, you have to allow results to manifest themselves. These are just the basics of feng shui and there are many more details and enhancers than these basics, but they are a good beginning to understand the world of feng shui.

Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang symbolYin and Yang are the negative and positive principals that govern all human existence. When they are combined they symbolize perfect harmony. Yin and Yang are balance. One cannot exist without the other. In feng shui, applying yin and yang concept brings balance and harmony, which in turn brings good fortune. When either, too much yin or yang prevails, imbalance is created, bringing misfortune.

Yin and Yang Attributes   
Yin is Dark, Yang is light
Yin is passive, Yang is active
Yin is the moon, Yang is the sun
Yin is the rain, Yang is the sunshine
Yin is odd numbers, Yang is even numbers
Yin is earth, Yang is heaven
Yin is water, Yang is the mountains
Yin is the winter, Yang is the summer
Yin is cold, Yang is heat

Feng Shui Enhancers
When you decide what part of your life you would like to activate, there are a variety of tools you can use to enhance the corresponding corners of your home.
  • Objects that are reflective such as mirrors, lights, crystal objects, and crystal balls
  • Chimes and fountains 
  • Windmills, revolving doors, mobiles, small table top water fountains, table and overhead fans. Objects with movement.
  • Plants, fresh and silk flowers, aquarium, pond fish or imitations.
  • Heavy objects such as boulders, sculptures and statues.
  • Electrical products that create sound such as stereos, radios and televisions.
  • Objects that are long and hollow, such as bamboo or metal pipes such as a wind chime. Solid pipes are not beneficial
  • Feng shui colors to enhance the mood and room
These remedies can be placed in the appropriate corners or areas of your home or office to stimulate that area. Bright lights can be placed in almost any corner, and are one of the most beneficial tools to enhance your abundance. Enhancers placed correctly, can expand one’s career opportunities, wealth, bring happiness and well being, improve relationships and marriage prospects.

Feng Shui Principals
  • Clearing clutter is very important step in feng shui. Keeping your home and workspace clean and organized promotes happiness, efficiency, and peace of mind.
  • Finding room for new things in your life requires you to get rid of things you don’t use or need and make room for new.
  •  Adding sunlight to any room lifts the spirit and expands your vision; darkness inhibits life force and can be depressing.
  • Bringing nature indoors add harmony and healing to surroundings.  The gentle sound of a water fountain eases your mind, blocks out disturbing noises, and calms your nerves.
  • Using different soothing colors can enhance your mood. Red and orange tend to stimulate and excite you; blue green and lavender calm and relax you.
  • Working in the bedroom is not a good idea. The bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation.  Remove all work related items such as computers and paperwork.

Other enhancing objects  for the different feng shui energy centers
living room feng shuiFamily and Wealth
Placing plants, miniature water fountains and flowers in the east and south-east sections will enhance family relationships and wealth prospects. Make sure plants are always healthy and throw away any that are dead. Dead plants create negative energy and will bring bad luck. Plants with thorns or prickles, such as cacti, should be avoided. Plants that are more appropriate are plants with broad, healthy leaves. A small aquarium placed in these sections can do wonders for these life aspirations as well, but it must be kept clean.
Installing a fishbowl in the north area of your home will activate your career, but avoid going overboard and introducing a large tank; too much water can drown your prospects. Avoid predatory fish.
Children’s Luck and Mentors
Wind chimes hung in the western and in the northwestern areas will enhance your children’s luck and attract support from helpful influential people. The chimes must be hollow, allowing Chi to flow through. Fresh Flowers are also helpful in the northwestern sector.

Marriage and Education
Natural crystals placed in the southwestern and northeastern corners will stimulate your marriage and education corners. Crystals are wonderful Feng Shui enhancers, especially if they are combined with light in a chandelier.

Personal Fame and Reputation
By installing a bright light in your south section you will enhance your personal fame and reputation. The brighter the light, the better. Bright lights are wonderful enhancers of good feng shui and are suitable for southwest and northeast sections as well.


  •  Fish are excellent wealth and prosperity enhancers, they should be placed in the southeast area of your home.
  • Candles floating in a bowl of water create excellent balance. Place a blue arrangement in your north area to spark your career prospects.
  • Any object or room that makes you feel negative or have negative memories should be removed or Fung Shui needs to be applied to that room. Often, an object may bring about bad feelings or memories, yet people will hold on to it for whatever reasons, ignoring they don’t feel good when they look at it. Your surroundings should always be pleasant and evoke pleasant feelings.
  •  I personally like to use water fountains in career and wealth areas of my home. Water fountains create a flow and keep these areas flowing. Never let water sit still in these areas, or these areas will become stagnate as well. Do not use water fountains in the areas of your home that represent fire. The two energies will clash. In the areas that represent fire, candles and the color red are always good.
feng shui living room

Feng Shui Terms you should know


Chi is the life force or vital energy of the universe. Chi can be positive or negative. Too much Chi or too little Chi is negative.

Poison Arrow

Any sharp or straight structure from which foul energy or Shar Chi emanates, carrying with it ill fortune and other negative effects. Poison arrows can be straight roads, sharply pointed angles of roof lines, edges of tall buildings, a protruding corner, or any object that has a threatening appearance.

The Five Elements
The five elements are fire, water, wood, earth and metal. It is believed when these elements are combined in certain ways it creates positive energy. An important part of feng shui is how these elements interact in a physical environment to create good or bad luck.
Shar Chi
Disruptive energy from the west or negative energy lines, caused by the presence of sharp, pointed objects or structures that channel bad feng shui.
The five elements and their properties
  • Fire is red, an auspicious color. Fire is also summer and represents the south.
  • Water is black or dark blue. It represents water and is placed north.
  • Wood is the east and is represented by the color green. Its season is green.
  • Metal is white and sometimes gold. Metal symbolizes the west. It represents the fall.
  • Earth is yellow or brown. It represents the center.

Take Action Now

1.    Open your curtains and the windows to let natural sunlight in.
2.   Look around your space and the objects, do they make you feel good or do they give off negative energy.
3.   Remove all broken objects.
5.   Get rid of old newspapers, old bills and old magazines .

Taking action is the key to your feng shui success. You will find practical ways you can apply and put feng shui into practice. As you make the changes, you will start to see and feel the differences on a daily basis. These differences should inspire you to keep going. Be patient, feng shui takes time.