Here's some information if you're looking into the Chinese dating option. An increasing number of Western men are now finding their dream partner in China. Here's all you need to know about finding a lovely Chinese lady and hopefully take part in your dream Chinese marriage.

Chinese Dating Sites

One of the most popular uses of the internet is for internet dating. Thanks to the internet you no longer have to look for partners in bars or in the lonely hearts column of the local newspaper. Internet dating is increasingly popular as it massively increases the amount of potential partners available for lonely singles. It also helps with matchmaking by allowing you to gain a much better overview of a potential partner than you would by simply passing them by in the street.

There are basically two types of Chinese dating site. The first type is a website that displays the details of marriage minded Chinese ladies who are registered with Chinese marriage agencies. These agencies post the profiles to the dating sites, then they take care of the communications between potential husbands and the lady. Since not many Chinese ladies who are looking for Western husbands have good English skills and access to a computer, this is often the easiest way for them to make contact with Western men. One of the most well known of these types of site is Chnlove. This site has many thousands of beautiful ladies listed on it, and many men have found their dream Chinese bride through the site. Unfortunately sites like this are very expensive as you have to pay every time you send or receive an email from one of the ladies on the site.

The second type of Chinese dating site is more of a free for all. The Chinese ladies who can read or write some English have an advantage in that they can sign themselves up to one of the many Chinese dating sites that allow anyone to register. These sites usually offer a flat rate subscription fee, and work out much cheaper than the pay per email sites. The good thing about these sites is that they allow you to communicate directly with Chinese ladies, so you cut out the possibility of a rogue translator. One thing to be wary of however is that Chinese marriage agencies do post their ladies' profiles to these sites as well. Be wary if a lady asks you to move to another site in order to continue to chat to her, as this could indicate she is:

  • A scammer.
  • Is represented by an agency that wants to make money from a pay per email site.

So be careful when talking to ladies from any dating site. Free Asian dating sites are particularly hazardous, so be very wary of them.

Chinese Marriage - is it for Love?

A problem when looking for love in a developing country is that many of the women are out to look for a rich husband. Actually, this is pretty common in all countries, and if you're a man of money then you'll usually have no problem attracting the wrong kind of lady.

A particular problem with Chinese ladies is that many of them only have romantic ideas of Western men, the sort of ideas you would get if you only watch Hugh Grant movies. DVDs are expensive in China, and Chinese TV is pretty bad. Westerners are also very rare in many parts of China, especially away from the internationally important Chinese cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

In order to weed out golddiggers you'll have to use your male intuition. Talk of money is usually a red flag. However, Asians do tend to speak more freely about personal finance and wealth than we do in the West, so bear this in mind. The best way to find out if a lady is sincere is to take your time to get to know each other. Don't marry someone on your first visit to China. Ideally get your chosen lady over to your own country using a fiancee visa. When she's on your turf so to speak you'll find it a lot easier to work out if she's genuine. Of course many women change for the worst after you marry them, but that could happen with women from every country, it's not a China specific issue.