Chinese shrimp lo mein

Chinese shrimp lo mein recipe, authentic and satisfying. This is a spicy rendition, make it when you have a hankering for yummy, hot shrimp and noodles. Serve for a dinner party, potluck or as a cold left over for lunch. This quantity is for two large portions.

Things You'll Need:

Wok or large skillet

Saucepan and water

1 pkg noodles: lo mein or spaghetti

2 dozen thawed, peeled, deveined, medium (41-50/lb) shrimp.

1 tbsp. cooking oil

1/2 diced white onion.

3 cloves diced garlic

1 tsp. minced ginger

2 tbsp. hoisin sauce

2 tsp. chili paste or cayenne pepper

1 tbsp. diced scallions

2 tbsp. soy sauce

2 tsp. sesame oil or oyster sauce

Salt and pepper

Optional: mung sprouts, bamboo shoots. sliced water chestnuts, diced carrots, diced cabbage.

Step 1

Prepare noodles: Place in boiling water, follow package instructions, under cook ( al dente). Rinse and set aside.

Step 2

Heat cooking oil in large skillet over medium low : add onions and cook down, then add garlic, ginger paste, chili paste, hoisin sauce. Simmer for several minutes.

Step 3

Add prepared shrimp and saute.

Step 4

To skillet mixture: add scallions, soy sauce and sesame oil. Salt and pepper to taste. Add more cayenne or chili paste if desired.

Step 5

When shrimp are pink: add noodles and other options n the last few minutes. Mix well and serve hot with chopsticks.