Is a Chinese side by side UTV right for you or your kids?  Maybe; it all depends on your specific needs and who will be riding it.  This is not the typical ATV four wheeler you are accustomed to driving around the trails and in the woods.  It is different.  I would like to share some information about them with you, including the price you will pay compared to major brands, where you will find them for sale, and some details to help you decide if they are right for you.

Chinese UTV Side by Side ATV Manufacturers

This is not a full list by any means.  There are at least dozens of different companies that make these from China and they are ever-changing.  The list below represents some of the companies that you will find referenced the most.

Linhai:  The biggest thing they have going for them is their motors.  They are pretty well made for a Chinese UTV side by side ATV for sale, and are priced very well.  This one is a good one to check out.

BMS:  They make several sizes ranging from kids to adult models.  They have been around for several years now, so they are one of the longer lasting brands you will find in the market.

Kandi:  A relative newcomer, they make several different sizes, with 250cc and smaller being their main niche.  Reviews are mixed for this brand, which is quite common with any ATV manufacturer, including the major ones like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Arctic Cat.

Kazuma:  This one might be your best bet.  Kazuma ATV’s were one of the first Chinese made ones on the market and they have been around for over a decade now.  I have purchased two Kazuma four wheelers and a RedCat (same thing) over the years and was very happy with them.  The UTV models are priced right and very cheap compared to major makers.

What Size Is Right?

You will find there are tons of different options available for kids and adults.  I would like to share some of the most common sizes with you now, so you can determine what will work the best for you.

90cc:  You won’t find many in this size, but there are some out there.  It is for small kids only, without anywhere near enough power or room for small adults to use.  It is a good size for a very small child that is just learning to ride.

150cc:  You can find these in adult sizes.  Do not expect to get anywhere near the speeds promised from most sellers.  Many will claim top speeds of over 40 miles per hour, but most will not deliver more than 30.  Still, it is a good size for riding and very light yard and farm work.

250cc:  This one is generally good enough for light yard work and has enough power for pulling small loads.  Some of these Chinese UTV models are 4 wheel drive.  They generally do not have enough power for substantial hauling or work, including plowing.

400cc:  This is a very versatile size.  They are generally fast enough to keep you satisfied on the trails, generally being able to go around 40 miles per hour, but not the 60 plus that is often claimed.  While not overly powerful, it would have sufficient power for more substantial work, including plowing small areas, like a city driveway.  Some are carbureted and others are fuel injected.

500cc:  This is another very good size to consider.  It will have a substantial improvement over the 400cc models, so it can be used for snowplowing bigger areas and for heavier work.  Many of the major makers use this as their benchmark size because it is so popular.

700cc:  In general, you will be able to do heavy work, including plowing larger areas and towing heavier loads. Speeds are generally around the 60 mile per hour range, with some variance.  The difference in fuel efficiency when compared to 500cc models is minimal.

Bigger Options:  You will find 800cc and 1000cc models in Chinese UTV and side by side 4 wheelers.  Most will be four wheel drive.  Many will be capable of driving on sand dunes and over very rough terrain.  You will have plenty of power for almost all your reasonable work needs.

Kids China UTV Considerations

If possible, try to buy Chinese side by side UTV’s that have parts that are compatible with major makers, or are readily available, just in case repairs are needed.  In addition, you want to compare the price to the youth Polaris RZR models, to make sure you don’t pay as much for an off brand as you would for the real deal.  They should always be priced much cheaper than the major makers.  If they are not, I personally do not think they are worth the risk or the reduced resale value.  If they are priced well under, it might be a good option for kids and youth riders.

How Much Are They?

They are pretty cheap compared to the major makers.  The little kids ones can be found for under 1000 dollars new, while the 400cc models will run $3000 or $4000, depending on what you buy.  For the larger models, you will pay in range of $6000, but it is going to vary greatly by manufacturer and options.

Are They Worth It?

Maybe.  It really depends on what you are looking to accomplish.  Most seasoned ATV and UTV riders prefer the major makers for reliability and parts availability for repairs.  This is not to say that Chinese UTV and side by side four wheelers are not good enough.  In fact, some people prefer them because they use them only for light work and riding.  With a cheap price, it might make sense for you to buy one.  As you search for a Chinese side by side UTV, you really want to do as much comparison shopping as possible.