Chinese myth

A good night sleep

Bed room setting

Lately, I attended a Feng Shui education session and some of the tips are particularly worth to be considered, when desiging your room. Do you ever wondering why some people are having good sleep and some may be having problem to sleep well?

This is much likely related to bad feng shui according to the Chinese ancient myth. A good Feng Shui are usually created with a good arrangement and combination of furnitures, color (wall), windows position and many other factors. In general feng shui creates 'feel good' atmosphere to an individual that bring good health. The feng shui master advised to take note on the following simple points.

a) Bed position
The bed positioning is the most importance to a good night’s sleep. The head of the bed should sits against wall. Follow by clear view of entrance door and windows to make you comfortable.

b) Choose a great color
It’s very true for you to choose the color that you like the most for your bed room. It’s suggested to add warmth and texture colors that match the floor, wall and furniture. Basic rule is to create something that you comfortable with.

c) Remove the ‘active’ things out
Bedroom is place for you to relax and rest. Having ‘active’ items such as exercise machine is inappropriate in the bedroom. Imagine, you partner working on the machine during your rest time?

d) Get yourself a solid bed
Get yourself a solid bed frame and mattress, to make you feel ‘safe’ and comfortable. It’s harder for a person to get into sleep mode, if you sleep on the floor with mattress.

e) Decorate the room with ‘living’ things
If you love artwork, you may keep a simple item in your bedroom such as artwork picture or anything that make happy. A good mode equal to good sleep

At the end, the objective to have good feng Shui is to make you comfortable and with a good night sleep that remove all your tiredness/better physical body. Thanks to the tips given by the feng shui master.