Chris Brown and Chipmunk information also information on the song Champion

Now I will be telling you what the lyrics are for the song champion which is by Chipmunk but is featuring Chris Brown. This song was first released on February 6th 2011 and it was recorded on 2010. The length of this song is three minutes and fifty eight seconds (for single) but sometimes it is five minutes and fifty four seconds (album version). Did you know that Chipmunk’s real name is Jahmaal Noel Fyffe and Chris Brown’s real name is Christopher Maurice Brown? Now I will be naming the five albums Chris Brown has made (which will be in order) In 2005 Chris Brown made an album called Chris Brown. InChipmunk and Chris Brown Champion 2007 he made an album called Exclusive. In 2009 he made an album called Graffiti. In 2011 he made two albums which are called F.A.M.E and the other album Chris Brown made in 2011 was called Fortune. The genre for this song is R&B and Hip Hop. The format for this song is digital download and a CD single. The label for this song is Jive. The producer for this song is Harmony Samuels (who is also known as H- Money). If I were you I’d carry on reading to find out what the lyrics are for the song Champion which is by Chipmunk but the song is also featuring Chris Brown (and I might even tell some more fascinating information and facts about Chipmunk and Chris Brown). So I hope you enjoy.


Extra information on Chipmunk and Chris Brown

Chipmunk was born on November 26th 1990 and Chris Brown was born on May 5th 1982. Not only is Chris Brown a singer but he is also a rapper, song writer, dancer and an actor. Not only is Chipmunk a singer but he is also a rapper, songwriter and a singer. The types of songs Chipmunk does are Hip Hop and rap. The types of songs that Chris Brown does are soul, Urban, Hip Hop, Pop and R&B. Now I will be naming some of the other famous singers/ rapper Chris Brown has been collaborated with who are (may not be naming every one) Rihanna, Chipmunk, TChipmunk and Chris Brownyga, Lil Wayne, The Game, T.I, Bow Wow, Big Sean, Busta Ryhmes and he has associated with many more famous singers/ rappers. Now I will be naming some of the famous singers Chipmunk has associated with (which may not be every one) N Dubz (which includes Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer), Dappy (from N dubz), Tulisa (from N dubz), Chipmunk, Trey Songz, Mavado, Keri Hilson, Tinie Tempah and he has collaborated with many more famous singers/ rappers. I hope you enjoyed reading the amazing information about Chipmunk and Chris Brown, I also hope that you had fun watching the amazing music video of Champion but I especially hope you enjoyed singing to the song with the lyrics.

Chipmunk Feat. Chris Brown - Champion