As an active chiropractic you need a mission statement that describes your “vision, mission and purpose”. This should be displayed prominently where you, your employees and your patients can see it easily and refer to it every day to not just serve as motivation but to provide you with an 'identity' of professionals who are striving towards excellence. Your patients are your clients and it is important that both employees and patients see themselves as both clients and patients, whereby they share the same common interest and to make this feeling tangible -- is where a chiropractic mission statement comes in.

Every business, every chiropractic has a mission, a purpose behind its existence. As said, your mission statement is much more than just a piece of paper with a few marketing phrases written on it; rather it defines the rationale behind the chiropractic, the very reason for your existence. It defines your values, your beliefs and your reason for being there. Hence, this isn't a document that will take you just a couple of hours to manufacture -- a lot of careful thought should be given over the choice of words, the way it is put together and what it actually demonstrates & how it makes you and the practice feel. 

This is the most important document in your office so it needs to be easy to read frequently (pretty much daily), prominently displayed and appropriately framed -- whereby it will start to act as an affirmation for the way you operate and how the business operates. It needs to be central to everyone's experience of your chiropractic. Phrases from it should be repeated in other display material because short phrases are more easily absorbed and repetition of your core message is important.

Your mission statement should act as an inspiration for employees and a reassurance for clients. It should spell out what you believe in and how you help your clients to overcome their pain and posture problems. It should indirectly address every day objectives without explicitly stating them. For instance, everything should be consistently clean because it mentions in your mission statement that you want to be "the best" and if that is the case, even just "good" chiropractors will have a clean set up.

This document spells out your mission and as such it needs to be couched in positive language that spells out your strategy to help your clients. It should also speak in general terms about how chiropractic can contribute to the health of every individual.

For the Employees

Seeing your chiropractic mission laid out on paper every day, every time they look up will inspire your staff to follow your ideals in every one of their daily tasks. It will serve as a reminder of what your vision and beliefs without you needing to give constant verbal reminders.

Employees can paraphrase the mission statement in their dealings with clients more easily if they can see it every minute of every day. This is made easier if you isolate, print and frame individual sections of the overall statement for secondary display purposes.

For the Patients (Clients)

Your clients will stop and read the statement of your mission if it is placed prominently and written in a large type-face. It will sum up your business' principles and objectives for them in language that is easily absorbed and inspire them with confidence.

This provides reassurance that you are mission-driven rather than money-driven and enhances your image in their eyes. It tells clients that you are knowledgeable about your field and know how to apply your knowledge to help them solve any problems they have.

Chiropractic Mission Statement Example

Our Chiropractic Mission

This chiropractic clinic has one ambition. We will be the best. To achieve this all staff members are trained in chiropractic principles and practise. We invest in our staff so they can serve our clients better.

We exist to serve our clients  needs, to relieve their pain and suffering.

We will help our clients towards a pain-free life using chiropractic principles, giving them more than they expect on every occasion.

We will provide our clients with the best chiropractic services available using the finest educational tools.

Our aim is to demonstrate how a chiropractic lifestyle can prevent and solve many of the problems that people think are inevitable signs of aging.

Our vision is of a society in which everyone lives a pain-free life by conforming to the holistic philosophy and understanding of chiropractic.

Writing Your Mission Statement

Although your statement should be unique to your practice (hence mentioning often your locality and the name of your institution) there are some common values and areas that chiropractics cover:

  • Ethical Stand Point and Integrity - in your missions statement, you should cover the basis of equality, how every patient is both unique in terms of their health needs and wants yet equal in the treatment they receive and never discriminated against.[1]
  • A Holisitic Approach - you aren't just covering the client's cracks (the symptoms of an underlying problem), you are going right for the route cause for the entire person in order to "add more life and energy" to their life (e.g. with DTS spinal decompression you will add a series of other therapies to help aid their back as well). So you will take on several routes from all areas with regards to diet, motion and mental state etc.
  • Professionalism and Educating - as with any professional practice, you should ensure that everything is presentable and neat. However, that doesn't go from just the tangible side of things it is how you present yourselves as professionals too. If a patient asks why you are implementing a particular method -- teach them in simplistic terms.
  • What's Your Main Focus? although you can be a general chiropractic promoting general wellness, you may be 'specially' good at a particular area for instance you may specialize in sport or family health. Your chiropractic mission statement should reflect this.

However, it is not all about what you can offer the customer though. You can mention what you can expect from your clients/patients in terms of having an open minded attitude and the desire for personal growth and learning. When both sets of parties i.e chiropractic and patient are both on the same page, achieving & maintaining a high quality of life becomes a far, far easier goal.

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