I received an unexpected present before Christmas from a colleague. I'm not very good at receiving presents, and opening them straight away, as I find it difficult to look happy if the gift is absolutely horrible.

So, with some trepidation, I accepted my present and made the appropriate coo-ing noises. I did really appreciate the sentiment, but what about the gift?

Even through the pretty wrapping paper I could feel and see, judging by the size, that this was a box of something. On tearing open the paper I was left holding an extremely flowery box of Chloe' Narcisse Eau de Toilette spray.

ChloeThe packaging Chloe, Narcisse, Eau De Toilette

The box was rather red and showed a garish red rose or two, with the occasional green leaves. Not my thing at all, I thought. It seemed as if it was going to be a hard to raise a smile about this gift. This may sound horrible but I hate to think someone has wasted good money on something that will just go to waste, languishing in my cupboard.

The bottle is cute looking, clear glass and oval shaped with an opaque top. The top is made to resemble a flower. The bottle fits nicely in the palm of your hand, and so is a very convenient hanbag or pocket size. The perfume itself is a sort of darkish colour, almost a pale whiskey or honey colour.

Pull the top off and the bottle has a metal looking press down spray action pump underneath. A quick squirt and my friend is saying 'you do like it don't you?', as she watches for my reaction .

Well I have to say I do. It was such a thoughtful, unexpected present and has turned out to be one which I love. This is definitely a spray perfume I would not have bought as, for one thing, the carton would have put me off.

The perfume is initially heavy. The flowery scent, for me, did not initially seem appropriate for work. However the perfume settles quite quickly. You are left with a flowery smell that's warm but not overpowering. Neither is it one of those which gives you headache. Paris perfume does that to me, and also smells terrible on me. Luckily Chloe does not.

I have read that the fragrance has a mixture of musk, vanilla and sandalwood, with some rose and apricot thrown in. For me, the vanilla and sandalwood are what come through the most, with a flowery hint. It does have a subtle scent, which does last. It becomes smokey or smouldering, if you know what I mean, after a while.

I love, and usually wear Ultra Violet perfume for evening wear , but this Chloe will, I think, become a daytime favourite.

My Chole is a 30 ml bottle, and, the next time I'm treating myself at the airport or in the Sales, I shall see if I can find anything else in this fragrance, such as a body lotion or actual perfume .

I think it will be long lasting, as you only need to apply a tiny squirt to have a great smell. From what I can gather this product retails at, upwards off, around £10, so it is very reasonable .

Chloe is made by Unilever.