Many nations around the world manufacture chocolate. Belgium though is world-renown to make some of the best in the globe. Many chocolate connoisseurs prefer Belgian made sweets over other kinds of chocolates. This country makes a number of different types of chocolates. All of them are of the highest quality. Many other nations have tried to duplicate the unique taste of Belgian chocolates but none of them have ever been successful.

The history of Belgian sweets started when the Spanish ruled the country in the 17th century. The Spaniards brought in cacao seeds from South Africa and introduced chocolate beverage to local royalty. Since then, the seeds were continuously traded in Belgium. Recipes for them were developed and the country later became synonymous to its production.


Belgian producers use the best and purest kinds of cacao beans in the market. This enables them to produce the best tasting sweets in the world. The kinds of cacao they use are processed meticulously to produce a smooth, rich and creamy chocolate. Belgium chocolates are famous for not being too sugary with the perfect sweet and bitter flavours.

Today, 2 main types of chocolate belgium are renown to the country. One is mixed with fruit and butter cream or paste from another kind of nut.  The second type is known as the truffle. This type is very rich and creamy. They are usually made of solid and creamy cacao. Today, the country is said to produce about 172,000 tons of both kinds of chocolates each year.

There are over two thousand shops that sell high quality home-made Belgian chocolates in Europe. Belgium is considered as the world’s top producer of this delicacy and it is readily available in supermarkets, specialty stores and even vending machines. If you are not based in Europe or Belgium, you can still source top-of-the-line cacao products over the internet.
There are a number of websites online where you can buy high quality chocolate.

The Best Cacao Product

Belgium based suppliers can ship your purchases overseas if you order them from their online stores. Living outside of Europe won’t be a hindrance to enjoying the world’s best cacao products. Although pure Belgian chocolates are a bit expensive, they are worth every bite.

The best that money can buy are made of top cacao beans, are freshly produced and hand-made. Belgians don’t use preservatives or additives in their cacao products so be aware that these kinds of sweets have to be eaten while fresh. Some chocolate connoisseurs say that Belgian cacao sweets are best eaten at room temperature and not chilled or frozen.

If you intend to order and buy cacao products online, ask your supplier about the best way to store and eat your chocolate. Belgium suppliers should be able to give you some tips on how to keep them fresh longer without reducing the quality of the taste and texture. Although it will be a bit more costly for you to use express shipping, it will allow you to receive your shipment in better condition.