Choclate chip cookies.  Don’t you love them? I can’t think of any other dessert that I love eating more. Maybe chocolate cake…..The art of perfect preparation is the key. Cook them just enough, not too hard, not too soft,  just enough to make the center  gooey but still cooked. Why are you so tasty with milk? A hot cookie and a glass of milk! Yum!

 The joys of a cooled down cookie, wow. If you can catch it at the right stage; it will be thin, a little bendy, and just a little crunchy on the outer rim but still soft in the center. Now, don’t tell me mouths aren’t watering. Do you ever think twice about paying $1:50 or more for this glorified chunk of sugar, flour and chocolate? Never! You deserve it, you’ve earned it. All the sacrifices you’ve made today for the sake of doing right in the world are washed away in the moment of contact. As my teeth hit the dough I think, well at least I have my cookie. Fair trade, pillsbury, tollhouse, you name it. They‘re all just versions within the kaleidoscope of goodness.

I must admit I have strayed into the realms of experimentation however. A cookie and chocolate milk? Too much! Strawberry milk? You’re kidding, right? A little sugar cookie tease? Never again! You and me chocolate chip cookie and milk. Let us never part. In sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, I know you’ll be there for me, don’t ever change. Please, not even for a crazy european chief experimenting on you.

 Looking to create a social event?  Cook a batch and just watch a drooling family gather around the stove. Talk about the great healer. I think as part of all conflict resolution meetings around the world, a cookie baking session should be a mandatory. At least for the ones I’m involved in. Oh, your such a picture of harmony, cookie. A warm oven, a Wisconsin winter, cookies cooling on the stovetop and some milk. My couch has never been so inviting.  Some may stray, eating raw dough, putting it in ice cream. Not me. I’m a purist. Some things you can’t make better.  Don’t even try, just sit back and relax into the knowledge that progress is completely unnesasary in this case. Thank you for loving me so, chocolate chip cookie. Thank you.