How Many Cockroaches Are In One Bar Of Chocolate?

There have been a lot of strange tales floating around for years about cockroaches in chocolate. It has been said that all chocolate bars and chocolate products have cockroaches in them, no matter how good the chocolate it. Some even claim that every bar of chocolate has no less than ten percent of cockroach bodies and body parts in it. When I first read this, I was horrified. I could not imagine that my beloved chocolate would have cockroaches in it. Like most people, I love chocolate. It doesn't matter what it is- it can be chocolate cake, chocolate milk, chocolate covered pretzels or just a chocolate candy bar. The thought of these things being infected by cockroaches disgusted me. I did a little research to find out whether this chocolate cockroach thing was truth, or just a rumor.

Are There Really Cockroaches In Chocolate?

What was most startling about the initial inquiry, was that so many people who work in the food industry swore that this was true. Considering that many restaurants and cafes serve chocolate in one form or the other, one would assume that they would try to conceal this if it were true. The fact that they supported the notion was even scarier, and really got me wondering.

I began asking lots of questions, such as where they derived this information from. Many admitted that it was a folk lore, or something that they had heard for many years. Honestly, I likened this to the old wives tale of holding your hands up over your head when you're choking. It has been said for so long, that most people tend to go with it, instead of against it. But my precious chocolate was at stake here, and that was all the motivation I needed to start doing some heavy questioning.

Contact was made with a variety of different governmental organizations, including the state health departments that licensed some of these restaurants. These organizations claimed that they had never heard of the chocolate cockroach rumor. They also stated that they inspect restaurants and their output (the food that they serve) in order to verify that it is free from contaminants (including insects), served at the right temperature and contains the same ingredients that the restaurant claims it has. There was a lot of great information about vector control and other pests that tend to loom around restaurants and other food service buildings, which made me feel much better.

My verdict is no. There are no cockroaches in chocolate as a whole. This is a rumor that started a long time ago, and can finally be put to rest. That's great news, because who the heck would want to eat chocolate that contains cockroaches?

Well, be careful here. In some cultures, cockroaches are eaten as a treat, or delicacy. They are sometimes served roasted in a small cup. They can also be served sugared and baked. Some cultures will eat them plain, without any additives. So what may be horrifying to some cultures is delicious in other cultures. 

While I was doing all this research, I came across chocolate cockroaches online. Just as the name implies, these were chocolates in the shape of tiny cockroaches. They were small, and looked pretty legit to me. Unfortunately, due to all the research and concern that I had over chocolate and cockroaches, I can't seem to put the two together, even knowing that it's just an oddly shaped piece of (cockroach free) chocolate. Tell me what you think: would you continue to eat chocolate if you found out that there was indeed a certain amount of cockroach debris within the recipe? Do you think you would be able to eat novelty chocolates that are shaped like cockroaches? Tell me what you think!

Chocolate Cockroach

Are you munching on this little bugger when you're enjoying a candy bar?