When you think about eating chocolate you do not associate it with dieting do you. Well did you know that there's a diet plan out there called the chocolate diet. When it comes to sticking to a diet plan, chocolate is usually one item of food that lots of dieters give in to. Simply because it tastes so damn good. Plus its everywhere you look, so the temptation of buying a bar of chocolate is very easily done. Especially for dieters who are finding their cravings hard to handle.

Chocolate Diet PlanIf you are struggling at sticking to your weight loss diet program. Because the food contained within the plan is tasteless. Why not give the chocolate diet plan a go. The main purpose of this diet plan is its ability to help with your cravings for this delicious tasting food.

Chocolate gives people satisfaction when they eat it, and lots of people long for the food because maybe something is missing in their life. Chocolate is a fantastic comfort food, especially for people who are suffering from stress. They eat that chocolate bar to escape from their worries temporarily.

Chocolate is a food high in sugar and this is one of the main reasons lots of people crave it. Some people are actually addicted to sugars and they find it very difficult to totally cut out sugar from their diets. If you fall into this category then the chocolate diet plan may just be for you.

Let's tell you how this diet works. For the first week you will be eating no chocolate, that's right you will totally cut chocolate out of your daily diet plan. You will be eating a breakfast of around 250 calories, then a 300 calorie meals for diner and be finishing the day off with a meal of around 400 calories. At the end of the first week, its highly likely that you will of lost up to 6 to 7 pounds.

Once the first week is over you are then allowed 150 calories worth of chocolate each day. Up you're daily calorie intake to suit you needs. Weight loss will be much slower in the second week. One thing you must never do is cut out meals expecting to lose more weight.

When on the chocolate diet plan it is advised that you exercise as well, because exercise will help in burning off calories which will lead to more weight loss. The intensity of the exercise will all depend on your goals and fitness levels. Some people may want to eat more chocolate each day. If you fall into this category you will just need to make sure that you burn off these excess calories with more exercise.

The chocolate diet plan has got many good points, one of which is dieters do not experience mood swings and actually look forward to their meals instead of hating the food they eat whilst dieting. The bad points about the diet is, it is so easy to eat more chocolate than you should because it is such a delicious and high calorie contents food.

Monitor your calories and eat a bit of chocolate each day to control your cravings and you should start seeing weight loss results each week when you step onto the scales.

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